Girl's dying words after daddy shot her (very sad)





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Published on Jan 19, 2008

Yaser Abdel Said, 50, was wanted on a warrant for capital murder after
police say he shot the girls Tuesday and left them to die in his taxi,
which was found parked in front a hotel in Las Colinas, a suburb north
of Dallas. Police said Mr. Said should be considered armed and

Friends of Amina Yaser Said, 18, and Sarah Yaser Said, 17, described
the girls to the Dallas Morning News as "extremely smart ‹ like
geniuses," saying the slain sisters had been enrolled in advanced
placement classes and were active in soccer and tennis at suburban
Lewisville High School.

While police refused to discuss a possible motive for the crimes,
family and friends told reporters that the girls' Westernized lifestyle
caused conflict with their Muslim father, who immigrated from Egypt in
the 1980s.

"He was really strict about guy relationships and talking to guys, as
well as the things she wears," Kathleen Wong, a friend of the girls,
told KTVT-TV, the Dallas CBS affiliate.

Two boys who said they had been dating the sisters told KXAS-TV in
Dallas that Mr. Said was upset that his daughters were involved with

"She just wanted a normal life, like any American girl wanted," one of
the boys told the NBC affiliate station, adding that Sarah "was always
kind, gentle, always cheerful, always had a smile on her face."

The boyfriends said yesterday they feared for their safety because Mr.
Said was still at large. "Obviously he already showed that he is a
dangerous man," one told the KXAS station.

Another Dallas station, Fox affiliate KDFW-TV, reported that two
members of the Said family said "Sarah and Amina dressed in Western
clothes and listened to pop music. They described Said as angry with
his daughters for not acting like proper Muslim girls.

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The man's a lunatic. It takes a level of crazy most of us can never contemplate to kill your own child over something so petty.
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I really don't care who or what he is , 1 fact , it seems he's a fugitive: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaser_Abdel_Said fbi.gov/wanted/topten/yaser-abdel-said
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Timmy D
Islam is the religion of peace, huh? Takes a real fucking scumbag to kill a child, but your own flesh and blood, the words to call him haven't even been invented yet.. 
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Bibi Sjouws
Timmy D your wrong it depends where your from my parents are totally okkay even if I marry a non Muslim guy so yeah
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Mike Beale
In the Islamic faith, Men are allowed to marry non-Muslims; women are not..... Yep the good old religion of peace and tolerance..... Relayed by a man, to a man, for men.
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+Tariq Nazim firstly people needing credentials in religion is the very thing bringing religions down in this modern world, I doubt any god hands out credentials....I have known normal people that in my opinion are more religious then any holy man, secondly how is it hatred for someone to mention that its possible for a Muslim man to marry a non Muslim and not a Muslim woman? there is no hate in that statement, on a whole and this is fact the Islamic religion treats women separately to men, even going as far as to no allow woman to drive in some Muslim countries, all you have to do to see how men and women are treated differently is look at rape cases within Islamic countries. I will leave you with a thought, every Muslim man ONLY exists because of his Muslim mother. so the next time you see a women of your faith being forced to walk behind the man or on the inside of the pavement, or being denied simple things like driving remember this point, you exist ONLY because of a woman and that is through design, your gods design. so ask yourself if perhaps your holy men with their "credentials" are interpreting the Quran correctly.
+Khaled Qaimary I wouldn't see why you wouldn't. When that first was posted, my name was there
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Eric Pfaff
Ya, Muslims aren't dangerous. Who said that again, oh ya, Muslims did. He shot his own fricken kid's!!!! What would a stranger's life mean to him then???  NOTE: not all Muslims are bad, just this crazy mofo in this video.
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Afreen A
You contradicted yourself in your comment, it makes no sense.
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Enjoy all of those innocent Syrian refugees...
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lisa mesa
i bet he came back with all them
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muslim religion of peace....bullshit detected
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Because the father didn't like that the man she dated wasn't a Muslim? It's a fucking nazi.
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Anthony Freeman
+Gábor Kovács eh. look at trump :) everybody has a little bit of nazi in them right?
Anthony Freeman
+Shidoshi Tanaka oh and you're the idiot.
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Major Jackson
The world would be a better place without religon.
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+EARN MONEY if muslim didn't exist, the rich powerful people will blame someone else for their evil act, like chirstians... 
Major Jackson
+Deena Perdi What does being an American have to do with anything?
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Joachim Sudergat
Poor poor girls. May be they are at a better place now. I hope so. God bless them.
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E Long
I doubt those girls died believing in Islam when their father was telling them why he was killing them or when he was raping them when they were 8-9. Hopefully their mothers family gave them some balance and told them about God. Bless their souls. Ps- yes the mother filed rape charges then dismissed them after being with a knife & guns (there were pics) and his thug brothers threatening her father. Dear old dad also tried to marry the 15 year old to old coots in the old country.
+Dharmaa RS I really wouldnt mind. I would like to learn more about other religions.
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Loki Wolfe
It takes good people to do good things and bad people to do bad things; it takes religion to make good people do bad things.
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Evil Gandhi
+Vlad Ncs Quote me specifically so I know the context of my use of, "intolerance". I haven't read this thread in a while.
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