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Published on Mar 14, 2013

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if i had a million dollars
id keep it to myself
you act like you would differently
but you wouldnt do anything else

this world is just a puddle of crap we swim laps in
maybe hop out grab a towel and sip absinthe
and when we're done we can blame it on the habit
of our bodies being present while our minds remain absent
"now that was just the opening line
and i already had to rewind like 4 or 5 times
just to see what he was rhyming
and whats up with that timing
and will he actually rap or will he just stay whining?"


ill just call it like it is
and mainstream has a current full of feces and piss
coming flooding minds and ears of all these innocent kids
until they're drowning and dont know what that innocence is
what that innocence is
what is innocence
is it in a sense
the essence of the menace
of the kid who found the guinness
in his parents closet now hes getting it in

touchy subject now wasnt it
parents arent good at parenting so theyre just fudgin it
trying to tell their kids they know exactly what true lovin is
but dont because theyre lying and they broke a holy covenant
its stupid and i swear its
trending like some jeans that you wear for your appearance
kids choose between 3 or 4 parents
now this is more pathetic than a hollywood marriage

hollywood are you serious
talk about being quenched for thirst and we're delirious
walking through the desert while we're dying and we're sweating
drinking gasoline like "why isnt this helping me any?"

and aint no body staring at the stars in the sky
but we dont think twice when its the hollywood kind
quite frankly it blows my mind
how we can stare at something so dim and still go blind
pop culture
it only gets colder
it makes me wanna dislocate both my shoulders
or maybe get shot by an american soldier
or maybe get dropped by a 20 ton boulder

whatever it takes just take me out til its over
i feel like im the only one here that is sober
what are they even trying to say on the radio?
i dont know
half the time i feel like im cracking morse code

but look at me im obsolete to the industry
cause i dont rap about sex drugs weed or Hennessy
and everything is so generic
its full of swearing
about weed and money and what youre wearing
quite frankly im kind of embarrassed
how parental advisory can mean nothing to parents

"now here ya go little eric
here's grand theft auto i know youre only seven but i swear its
ok kids are more mature these days
plus the neighbor kid has it and hes ok"

two years you can turn on the news
and see eric brought a gun when he walked into school
cause his dads closet was unlocked what a fool
but hes only been taught to shoot glocks and break rules

"um now this isnt my fault right?
what about the store that sold it to me that night?
o my gosh what am i gonna do
well the game has deep pockets maybe ill sue"

you know what else makes me sick
why does the media always respond so quick
how come the media interviewed those kids
and how come no one stepped in and said "hey quit"
havent you heard of PTSD you idiots
these kids have a nightmare that theyll forever live with
but you held that mic to their face like a gun
and held em all hostage till the coverage was done

are we all dumb
are we all numb
can we not stop watching till its all done?
are we all dumb
are we all numb
its just a pretty basic question im asking everyone

now lets take the scope off the adults
and move it to the kids who i know cant cope
for at least 45 seconds
without everyones attention
is there anybody else that i failed to mention?


now this next part my friends might hate me
but bad study habits is not ADHD
youre just like everyone else and dont need help
those pills are probably full of water...and nothing else
but kids minds are just easy to mold
they believe every story that theyve ever been told
theyre not taught to treat girls like gold
and when they get a queen of hearts
theyre supposed to fold

and girls are convinced they know exactly what pretty is
really is being pretty just being a skinny chick
you idiots
facial symmetry is a myth
havent you seen plastic surgery victims theyre all hideous

so all this worldly talk can just stop it
the way the world is spinning is making me so nauseous
it makes me wanna stick a cattle prod under a facet
drink from it then go lick an electrical socket
stick a fork in a toaster while im bathing again
throw every electrical appliance in a pool and swim
jump out then go hit the gym
work out for 6 hours and never eat again
die from starvation and come back to life
find the nearest kitchen and go grab a knife
stick toothpicks in my eyes and slice my esophagus
swallow a pound of salt and start an apocalypse
find the only standing school and take a calculus class
go home and wash my face with shards of class
and after that comes the aftermath
but for a matter of fact
i think ill just leave it at that

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