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Published on Dec 30, 2010

This is a re-upload of my latest run completed in May of this year because I recently re-rendered in higher quality as one video.

Chamber times:

Chamber 00 - 1:07
Chamber 01 - 1:31
Chamber 02 - 2:10
Chamber 03 - 3:00
Chamber 04 - 3:19
Chamber 05 - 3:42
Chamber 06 - 4:20
Chamber 07 - 4:42
Chamber 08 - 5:02
Chamber 09 - 5:22
Chamber 10 - 5:47
Chamber 11 - 6:16
Chamber 12 - 6:38
Chamber 13 - 7:11
Chamber 14 - 7:33
Chamber 15 - 7:52
Chamber 16 - 8:25
Chamber 17 - 8:51
Chamber 18 - 9:45
Chamber 19 - 10:37
escape_00 - 11:15
escape_01 - 11:46
escape_02 - 12:31

Total time: 13:19
total Segments: 48

Run Comments:

I only want to go over the really difficult or new route sections of this run because most of it is pretty straight forward if you have some idea of portal mechanics.

Chamber 04: It may look simple however placing the portal on the ground in such a way that the cube rolls through it and lands on the button is extremely difficult. I've done this is i think 3-4 different runs I completed so I am quite familiar with the placement but this always takes me in excess of 1 hour to nail.

Chamber 05: This is a simple chamber but it's by far my most hated. throwing the first cube onto the button is hard enough from such an awkward position and then having to ABH over the second while letting go of the cube at the right time just doubles the difficulty. Oh, how i hate this chamber!

Chamber 07: Chamber 7 is usually one of the easiest using the fling route, but I wanted to ABH down the stairs to shave off a little more time. I don't know how I pulled it off exactly but this small ABH was pretty hard to execute.

Chamber 11: After completing this chamber I realised that demonstrate did the same ABH onto the centre platform, funny how great minds think alike :). It's possible to complete by either jumping off the ledge where the button is or just using the ground. After I get the orange side of the portal gun I place a blue portal opposite the elevator instead of on the far wall so I can ABH directly into the elevator.

Chamber 12: Seriously, this cube throw is a joke, it really is...I think it's the hardest part of the run by far and I will leave it at that.

Chamber 16: Here I throw the turret onto the button instead of hitting the turrets over, this saves a few seconds as well as it opens the ending rooms up to a nice ABH straight into the elevator.

Chamber 18: In chamber 18 I used a little trick i found while trying to reach the platform where the door is located. If you come out of a ground portal at high velocity, you can pivot your view 36 degrees and you actually gain momentum in the direction you end up facing horizontally. SO instead of trying to reach that platform with a straight jump and make it in maybe 1/20 times, I could get it every time.

escape_02: Here I used a modified route to the second and third glass skips near the first rocket turret encounter. For the second skip, I just place a portal on the left side of the glass as usual but i place one diagonally on the floor with respect to the glass. This allows me to just walk through the wall portal (without jumping is imperative) and it will bump me over the other side, sort of like the edge glitch but modified slightly. The next glass skip I use another modified version where i place a portal behind the first door making sure that its on the very far right side of that wall. Now when I place the other portal next to the glass, I can just slide through the same way if you placed it on the ground next to the glass. In fact I think it's much easier with this new method because there's no uncertainty...it always works.

Hoping for SDA to host, when/if they do, my thanks will be included in the comments on the page/video.

- Kingpin


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