G-Up Collection Vol.1 - 2nd 3rd Strike National Convention [VHS]





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Uploaded on Jul 16, 2010

Vintage 3rd Strike 3on3 Team Tournament held early 2001 at Game Newton Arcade by G-Up.
For a full time-line with match-ups see below.
This 2hr VHS was released for sale containing a 3on3 tournament that ran across 3 Groups with the resulting 3 winners entered into a 3 way Grand Final play off.
Block A
[Team A] Fujiwara(DU), OFC(GO), Georgia(RY)
[Team B] AFM(CH), Chemuru(MA), Erotic Teacher(DU)
[Team C] Gifu Ken(KE), Hitotsume(KE), Meta(CH)
[Team D] Nama aka MOV(CH), Shibisha(CH), D44(GO)
Block B
[Team A] Hirai(KE), Asaoka(UR), BAL(YU)
[Team B] Riki(Q), Nuki(CH), Match(GO)
[Team C] Mester(YU), Chikyuu(12), Raoh(CH)
[Team D] Shiroitachi(MA), Deku(YU), Hikoneken(KE)
Block C
[Team A] Shinnosuke(AL), Danna(DU), Rion(YU)
[Team B] Ikki(GO), Boss(YA), Chonto(CH)
[Team C] Nitto(YU), JOE(KE), Tokido(UR)
[Team D] Toshibo(YA), Nuru(UR), Hage(DU)
Block A
[Team A] 藤原(DU), OFC(GO), ジョージア(RY)
[Team B] AFM(CH), チエムル(MA), エロ教師(DU)
[Team C] ギフ県(KE), 一ツ目(KE), メタ(CH)
[Team D] 生(CH), しびしゃ(CH), D44(GO)
Block B
[Team A] ヒライ(KE), ??(UR), BAL(YU)
[Team B] リキ(Q), ヌキ(CH), マッチ(GO)
[Team C] メスター(YU), 地球(12), ラオウ(CH)
[Team D] 白いたさ(MA), でく(YU), ヒコネケン(KE)
Block C
[Team A] しんのすけ(AL), だんな(DU), リオン(YU)
[Team B] イッキ(GO), ボス(YA), ちょんと(CH)
[Team C] にっと(YU), JOE(KE), ときど(UR)
[Team D] としぼう(YA), ヌル(UR), ハゲ(DU)
I've transferred my own copy of the VHS onto DVD and made it available here for historical and digital preservation purposes.
VHS Sleeve: http://tinyurl.com/32pwek2
Match Up Chart Insert: http://tinyurl.com/38omm8b
G-Up Info: http://f18.aaa.livedoor.jp/~gupweb/ze...
G-Up: http://f18.aaa.livedoor.jp/~gupweb
G-Up Blog: http://gupweb.blog129.fc2.com/


0:00 - Intro

Block A

00:30 - Semi Final 1

[Team A] Fujiwara(DU), OFC(GO), Georgia(RY) vs [Team B] AFM(CH), Chemuru(MA), Erotic Teacher(DU)

13:46 - Semi Final 2

[Team C] Gife Ken(KE), Hitotsume(KE), Meta(CH) vs [Team D] Nama aka MOV(CH), Shibisha(CH), D44(GO)

24:27 - Final

Block B

35:17 - Semi Final 1

[Team A] Hirai(KE), Asaoka(UR), BAL(YU) vs [Team B] Riki(Q), Nuki(CH), Match(GO)

45:46 - Semi Final 2

[Team C] Mester(YU), Chikyuu(12), Raoh(CH) vs [Team D] Shiroitachi(MA), Deku(YU), Hikoneken(KE)

52:43 - Final

Block C

1:01:32 - Semi Final 1

[Team A] Shinnosuke(AL), Danna(DU), Rion(YU) vs [Team B] Ikki(GO), Boss(YA), Chonto(CH)

1:10:05 - Semi Final 2

[Team C] Nitto(YU), JOE(KE), Tokido(UR) vs [Team D] Toshibo(YA), Nuru(UR), Hage(DU)

1:21:37 - Final

Grand Finals - 3 Way Face-Off

1:32:48 - Match 1 - Block B Winner vs Block A Winner
1:39:28 - Match 2 - Block C Winner vs Block A Winner
1:47:11 - Match 3 - Block C Winner vs Block B Winner

1:54:57 - Credits

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