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Published on Oct 19, 2011

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Tigersushi and Excuse My French are pleased to present the new video for DyE's new single, Fantasy. Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension. What happens next is for you to discover here. nsfw.

Directed by Jérémie Périn
Written by Laurent Sarfati & Jérémie Périn
Artistic Direction by Mikael Robert

Produced by Excuse My French / PH & Tigersushi
Executive Producer : Constance Guillou
Production Coordinator : Perrine Schwartz
Commissioner : Jill Caytan

"Fantasy" is taken from the DyE album TAKI 183.
Words by Guillaume Teyssier. Music by DyE. Performed by DyE.

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DyE's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thedye

Jérémie PERIN's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jeremie.perin.78

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How it feels to chew 5 gum stimulate your........
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Hemuel Aronowitz
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mimmo grillo
"I'm japanese and for me it's normal"
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u should be concerned because theres no tentacles... i think..
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Jason July
bro i was eating a fucking hotdog while watching this...
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i thouhgt hot dogs are made of living animal meat - the more you know ¯\(ツ)/¯
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Gamebot 997
I hate when I'm fingering my GF and she becomes a monster then my arm becomes mutant
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Time Traveler
+Gamebot 997 hey! it happens!
Jerome Bonny
Gamebot 997 dude this fucking scared me a lot
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YES,YES,YES,....... wait wut no no nONONONONO
Oh, that's why they won't let us kiss in school
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SweetLobster WOW
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I remember watching this when I was 10 6 years ago
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DaLuchador 04
Rosheel same though
The Edge King Manson
I was like 13
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Saber Sam
um what i'll stick to masturbating and crying in a corner for now on thamks
Saber Sam and we'll watch the human centipede films every midnight terror and disgustingness!
Chad Williams
This is why you take your girl swimming on the first date. See what happens when the makeup come off
seth misner
i believe the video is a depiction of not only the start of puberty/loss of innocence, but how sex can change you (here shown in a negative light, or maybe just an extreme as it could be from the girls perspective. rather than a general one). i believe personally it is from her point of view. puberty has hit, she doesnt know how to deal with it, and the barrier of her friends now being sexually actives changes her perception of them. she isnt ready, so she flees. could be wrong speculation. but thats my piece.
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seth misner Yes, but also, at the end, the huge monster thingy looks like an uterus. Maybe it, then, starts representing her first period.
Sebastian Nakitachi Why Lovecraftian horror of course
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