Thank you / Sly & the Family Stone LIVE ! on soul train





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Published on Feb 6, 2011

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At a loss for words...they don't make 'em like this anymore....R.I.P. Cynthia Robinson (1946-2015) on trumpet.
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Terese OZer
GMoorefan115 Its the corporate takeover of Everything ... even the sacred .... real talent is expensive .. and may open up peoples minds or worse their hearts
+Raul Pertierra Yeah but Run DMC made it in and WAR probably has not even ever been thought of by the brilliant minds that sit on the stamp of approval board at the Rock & Lame Hall Of Sham. That should make us happy! ! Lol
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A band...black and white......male and female......all contributing equally to some of the best rock, soul ,jazz, and funk ever to hit vinyl . Sly was waaaaay ahead of his time. Thank you Mr.Stewart!
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Curtis Neilson
+mondovb make America appreciate music again 
Or how about "Make America Love Again" across a hat resembling Sly's ultra-cool brim?
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One of the saddest stories in all of contemporary music is how under-appreciated this band is!! This group was IMHO one of the most ground-breaking, electrifying groups ever assembled!! Just the fact that they were a sexually and racially integrated band at a time where you really never saw that is extraordinary in itself!! And as far as the music---this band laid the blueprint for so many musical trends that followed---any funk/soul band of the 70's owes a debt to Sly and even artists like Prince all the way up to present day rap/hip-hop performers have taken a page from Sly's playbook!!  I'd be willing to bet 95-plus percent of people under 35 have no clue about this band--and that is tragic!! They were extraordinarily talented and Sly was a creative visionary!! I was a bit too young to have seen them live in their prime but everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY that I've ever talked to that personally saw them live rated it as one of the very best, if not THE best show they ever saw--they were that great!! 
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nyterpfan I agree with what you said except that under 35 part, I have no proof but I can safely assure you there are faaar more people that listen to this band in particular than you know, I'm currently 19 but I've known about sly and the stone since I was maybe 16 or even younger, either way it's better late than never right
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James Montegomery
Play that funky violin white boy.
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The Midges
it pulls me into it more and more - this violin :D
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This kind of band doesn't exist today in popular music....and that's a damn shame and a travesty.
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schooled, trained, and polished professional musicians
nockanoo62 Because modern technology released fake musicians with quantized sequencing and auto tuned vocals . We now live in a world of fake posers who only wish they had half the talent of these legends ! You can't fake this shit !
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Cynthia was ground-breaking. Lady trumpet player in a top-notch band. RIP Cynthia. We loved you.
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Devina Boughton
+Minalover100 Maria Schneider, clora Bryant (album gal w a horn is killin), Ingrid jensom, Tine Thing Helseth, and also Arnetta Johnson is on the rise. There aren't enough but there are some.
Hummm...come to think of....huummmm???
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Ricky Pisano
Frigging electric violin through a cry baby!! You kidding me?? Sly straps on that Telecaster and it's ON!!
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marvin dyson
God bless this group .
Sid Page. Look him up!
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At a loss for words...they don't make 'em like this anymore....R.I.P. Cynthia Robinson (1946-2015) on trumpet.
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Joseph Scott
It's a cliche to say that music now sucks compared to this, but... duh.
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Emmanuel Lomax
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pghtc56 U S A
Emmanuel Lomax . . .who will be #300 !!?
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Thom X
True energy... Incredibly awesome !!! What's the first song ?
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Maribeth Stern
+Ishky Bibble You're right, that is the title of the song! But artistic licence , and the fact that it is Sly Stone's title ( I really didn't want to use it unless I'm introducing the album 
Ishky Bibble
The title is actually I Wanna Thank You (for Lettin Me Mice Elf)
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