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Published on Jun 15, 2016

TONS OF INFORMATION BELOW ABOUT THIS GAME! if your into zelda your going to want to check it out! I'm going to be following all the news about this game on this channel! And eventually lets playing! I went thu the hours of nintendo's day 1 of tree house live their 2016 e3 coverage of the new legend of zelda game. Breath of the wild. LIKE the video if your hyped for the game! The more likes the video gets the more people will see it! A world with more Zelda fans i(More informotion further below!)

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•Open world, go where you want from the start. Obviously some places you wont be able to reach until you get an item.
•Link can jump, climb on anything, swim, run, all governed by a stamina meter.
•Dynamic weather effects the game, if there is wind you can use it to spread fire. If there is a thunderstorm metal can be struck by lightning. Rain will put out fires.
•Temperature plays a role, link cant go into an area too hot or too cold or he takes damage. Need to get better clothes. Or build a fire to stay warm, or use a torch. Or cook various objects and make a potion that gives certain resistances.
•There are shrines scattered around the world, over 100, each have trails of puzzles or combat. Treasures and sometimes new skills are found within. These are not the full dungeons you will also find.
•There are enemy base camps, some have a treasure chest that only opens when you clear the camp.
•You mark the world map. Its not filled with a ton of stupid markers. If you see something you cant reach yet, leave a treasure marker, or an enemy marker for a tough enemy.
•The E3 demo is only the plateau, a small elevated chunk of land where you can spend hours and hours exploring and its like 2% of the full game.
•There will be towns and NPCs but most have been removed for the demo.
•There are hidden Kuroks all over the place, this is from WW so this is tied to that timeline.


•Giant physics based playground, everything is governed by physics. See a boulder, roll it down a hill, it may crush enemies. Can cross a chasm but see large trees, chop it down to create a bridge.
•Fire reacts like fire. If you have a wood club put it in fire and now you have a fire club to light up enemies. Need to make a fire, cut trees to gather wood, find flint, put the two on the floor, use a metal object to strike the flint it mixes with the wood now you have a camp fire to cook. See withered grass, set it on fire and let the wind spread the fire.
•You can obtain a hand glider to fly around the massive world. You can use hot air from a fire to make the glider rise.
•One item is the magnet, it allows you to manipulate any metal object in the world. See a metal box, cant break it with normal items, pick it up with the magnet and crush it against something. You can located hidden chests under water and make it rise. You can pick up metal platforms and use it to crush enemies. You can throw your sword on the ground, use the magnet to pick it up and then swing it around using your magnet power.
•One item is called stasis it freezes an object in time. See gears moving some platforms or a bridge, freeze it. See giant metal spikes rolling around, freeze it. See a seesaw bridge that doesn't let you cross when too much weight is put on one side, freeze it.
•Stasis can be used to freeze any static object then you can hit the object with your sword or another object which transfers kinetic energy to the frozen object so when the stasis wears off that object will explode in the direction you were hitting it. This can be used to launch boulders into the air like a cannon at enemies.
•You get two kinds of bombs, one is round so it can be rolled and one is square so it can stay in one place. You have unlimted bombs, they are on a timer. All bombs are remotely detonated. You can place a bomb, lure an enemy to it and boom. See an enemy hut with explosive barrels, roll a bomb into it and watch it explode to oblivion. you can use bombs to launch objects the same way you do with stasis.
•There is the water ice maker thing. This lets you turn any body of water into a column of ice. See a gate with a puddle of water under it, raise the water up to raise the gate. An enemy is firing lasers at you while you are in water, create cover by making columns of ice. See a freezing body of water that link will die if he goes in, create the ice pillars so he can jump across." -
FOR MORE INFORMATION CHECK OUT THE SOURCE : http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost....


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