Phoenix Comicon 2009 Part 1

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Publikováno 28. 1. 2009

Finally, I'm putting up my Comicon videos!

The beginning is Saturday morning, where we were volunteering at the registration area. Then it goes straight to the panel of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", with Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, and Wil Wheaton.It was pretty awesome, and they didn't talk about TNG at first, but that's okay because they do later on and since I never was an avid watcher, I didn't get most of the references anyway. XD

It's split into a few parts because YouTube only allows ten-minute videos and their panel went on for an hour. Sadly, I didn't get all of it, because my video camera ran out of battery near the end, and luckily I had the regular camera which had video capabilities, but there's one or two minutes missing between the time I switched from video camera to camera, and then the camera's memory space got full and cut out the last question or two, one of which was "What was your weirdest/ most memorable fan experience?" or something like that, which was really great, but oh well. =P

After the Star Trek panel will be me showing just places and people at the convention, then the greatest random epic battle I've ever seen (but then, I haven't been to another comicon ever), then a bit of an ending and that's all. Yay! 8D


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