The Preacher's Daughter Ch.18 {The End}





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Published on Jun 21, 2012

Joe's P.O.V
 It's been a month sense that day at the hospital and everyone is doing fine.My parents haven't been around, whether it was because they didn't want to make our relationship worse than it was or because they didn't approve of me was a mystery to me.But Taylor's parents finally gave in on letting her stay and them be going with it.As long as she visited every once in a while.I guess if I was in their shoes I'd be ready to kill before I let my daughter run off with some handy man.But we planned to move back soon because it's where we both felt we really belonged.
 It surprised Taylor that my family was so wealthy and didn't have to work due to the endless supply of money we seem to have.My grandfather had a business that focused on creating electronics and it did very well and he left all the money to my mother.But I felt differently, I didn't want to be loving off of money I didn't earn, so I had to work to feel better about it.Which probably sounds crazy because there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind but I guess it's just who I am.
 Today Taylor's biological dad was put in prison for attempted murder and some other things, but they were minor.When they finally found him hiding in the basement of some abandon home.So drugged up he actually cooperated when the police took him away...and from a rumor I heard and even talked to them and at one point her brought up Taylor and how he regretted her dying.He really thought he had gotten away with it and there in the back of the cop car admitted he tried to.
--Two years later--
  "So how was work?" Taylor asked as she sat at the end of the couch, with her legs draped over Joe's thighs.
 "Good actually." 
 "Oh yeah? what happened today?" Taylor asked as she rested her head to the side, against the cushioned back of the couch.
 "Well it all started around lunch," He watched as Taylor nodded, "I called my wife to see if she could pick me up a sandwich from the sandwich shop just a next door to her Bakery, right?"
 Taylor smiled and tried not to giggle, "And did this wife of yours do it?"
 "Yes she did.And she left me a cookie too, which was good." Joe acted like a little kid as he flung his head back and closed his eyes obviously in bliss.His hands stayed on Taylor's legs as he softly ran his hands on them which felt soothing to Taylor.
 "Well I'm glad to here this wife of yours made you so happy." She giggled as Joe opened his eyes, "and guess what else?"
 "What?" Taylor asked.
 "Now she 's sitting here..." Joe slowly started walking her two fingers up her leg, "and she's got the most beautiful smile..." his fingers made their way to her stomach and she took them in her hand and his other hand in hers and gently tugged at them making him move till he was hovered over her, "And now I have a very good  view of her..."
 Taylor gasped as she blushed and gently hit him as she moved her white V-neck to close the gap between her and the shirt, "Shut up." She joked.
 "Just pointing it out." He said innocently.
 "Well now it's my turn to tell you how my day went." 
 Joe moved so he was laying beside her and her head was resting on his chest, "I'm listening."
 "You know that stomach bug I had the other day?"
 "Mhmmm." he said while loosely letting his fingers slide up and down her arm.
 "Well I went to the doctor today to for the regular check up and we got to talking and I brought that up.He said it was probably nothing so I went back to work and then he called me."
 Joe looked down at Taylor concerned, "Is something wrong."
 Taylor looked up at him, "Joe..."
 "Taylor it's okay you can tell me."
 "I'm pregnant."
 Joe took it in for a minute then felt the corner of his lips start to curve.He chuckled , "Really?"
 "Yeah," Taylor smiled too and looked down at her stomach.In her right hand she took Joe's and placed it on her stomach and smiled.
 Joe kissed Taylor's forehead and looked down at her stomach, "Wow..." was all he managed to get out, "Wow."
 This was the last one!Only one person mentioned anything about a squeal about this so I'm not sure yet.I have a few ideas if I were to make a squeal but like I said it's up to you! :] Thank you so much for reading!

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