iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop Test





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Published on Sep 21, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop Test, on location from Hong Kong! We wanted to make this a realistic as possible, and offer a detailed, slow motion perspective on the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 dropping! Check it out - you will be surprised! http://www.androidauthority.com/iphon...

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dome rox
You ....... you drop the samsung harder them the Iphone 5
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Yass ikr I thought I was the only one seeing dat😂
Chase Null
Im just going to say it, in every way I prefer android phones to any iphone experience. Apple locks you down too much, and assumes its users are all "simple". Google lets me do anything with Android, the user experience for ME is a lot more smooth. I have the GS3 and it has been dropped out of case LOTS of times, it is missing holes in the plastic but the screen has no cracks. I know I am just lucky but given that I have never had problems, never been pestered for updates, and have all my pics backed up on an sd card, for ME the galaxy s3 was a better phone. As well as in performance and screen resolution, and battery. Even with the 4.4.3 update my battery life still gets about a solid 10 hours of use which isnt bad imo. Maybe im lucky but I have had both of these phones and in every way the galaxy s3 has been better than my iphone in terms of my experiences I had with it. I also want to just say that I am writing this from a Macbook because I wanted to see what the Apple experience was all about. Love the macbook, but I still have better experiences with my Android phone. Gmail syncs everything rather than the crappy out of date itunes software, Google music manager was free and ported over all my itunes music to Play music. Over all my android phone after I set it up right to my mac, syncs just as well if not better all through Gmail. Itunes really put me off of iOS mobile platforms, and iCloud always took forever to back up and restore my information, Gmail has never done me wrong.
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Adam Garcia
change title to iPhone gentle drop vs Samsung throwing
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Cute Ericka
MatthewW WTF...is that a word now?
Dragan Ruben
he is scared enough to dont reply there
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Smokie V2
Anyone noticed how he dropped the phones? Very diffrently he dropped the iphone very gently and the samsung like crap 
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Smokie V2
+Tech Collector Dude stfu this is old af 
Apple Collector YT
So, it's just drops, at least both fell on the ground, it's not like he did a 1cm drop on the iPhone and Samsung he throws hard.
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Zyzz IsTheKing
Dude you are dropping that s3 like you can't stand it..and you are dropping iphone like " PLEASE DON'T BREAK"...Anyway their durability in drop.test is the same..galaxy was justed tossed HARDER and landed worse than I phone..the point of impact where s3 broke, the same would happen if the iphone landed like that..so please take this drop test you made and shaw it up your ass.
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+XxAznChrizxX Unless the phone gets older then.. lets say 2 years. So you buy a new iphone! Lawl.
+XxAznChrizxX Yes, just yes. 
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Penelope Pegg
I dropped my s3 from a "mid distance" as he'd say, on my bathroom floor, and it was perfectly fine. Unfair test, drop it screen first? Really?
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Unspoken Sniper
Samsung Galaxy S7
+Zero Kai i own a s3 mini value edition and it is like a nokia. Dropped several timer on the back 2 times with screen facing down on a flat floor and today with screen down on a brick road. Nothing cracked my screen.
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In ya face samsung s3
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oTempehh PlaysMC
+Group51Gaming Bitch gtfo with your shitty iPhone look from where he dropped the iPhone and look from where he dropped the samsung fuck your ''iPhone gang''
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Aliyah  Nadeem
He threw the samsung harder the the iphone
Smokie V2
Alexis Ferrell
Notice how he had apple by his ear but Samsung away and he's throwing Samsung down we all know Samsung is much better
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Raisins Channel
Alexis Ferrell yasss the new s8 will crush iPhone!
Paolo Gennaro
sure, sure outside I literally placed my Samsung s3 on the pavement and the screen cracked...two times.
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alexendre sed
Android sucks 
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- PlumpPilot -
Really... have you even had one
+Sedrati Iskander i can tell you are a apple fanboy
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Oil Burner
I dropped my phone in a furnace and melted the thing till there was nothing left.  Nothing like seeing an iPhone being cremated.
Sybren Vellinga
+Oil Burner so nice!

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