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Published on Sep 10, 2012

Just like the real world, games are full of awful characters. The individuals in this top 5 are some of the nastiest people you'll ever meet. Get ready for the five biggest assholes in gaming!

Sagat - Street Fighter series

Back in the nineties kids with a Super Nintendo had lots fun playing the career mode in Street Fighter 2. But the fun turned into bitter hate as soon they reached this guy ... Sagat doesn't just beat the crap out of you but adds insult to injury with his evil laugh. Losing more than three times will drive anybody absolutely crazy.

Wario - Wario Land, Wario Ware, etc

Wario is an asshole by design. Nintendo wanted another villain besides Bowser and decided to create an evil version of Mario. This douchebag has one of the most annoying voices in gaming ... and only cares about money and riding his motorcycle. Wario... why are you such a dick?

Glados - Portal series

Glados is the evil Super Computer in the Portal series with a passive aggressive personality disorder. She's constantly mocking you while you are trying to figure out her complicated puzzles... And her promise of giving you cake is also not entirely true. This AI is missing a morality core making her a complete asshole.

Moira Brown - Fallout 3

Moira Brown looks like a cheerful woman in Fallout 3 but she's a complete asshole. This evil woman sends you to the most dangerous places in the Wasteland to complete all sorts of menial tasks. In the end she actually asks to injure yourself to the point of being crippled. Moira ,what did we ever do to you?

Dog - Duck Hunt

The dog in Duck Hunt remains the ultimate asshole for many gamers. Who didn't hate this image as a kid ... There he is just laughing in your disappointed face. But as gamers grew older they finally got our revenge in several unofficial remakes of Duck Hunt in which you CAN shoot the dog. Take that you bastard! Who laughing now? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?

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