Naruto High! Episode.1! first day of school!





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Published on Jun 23, 2011

Names(Some of then you should know by now)
Miyoko Hatsune (Me!)
Naruto Uzimaki
Miku Hatsune
Kaito Shion
Gakupo Kaumi
Luka Megurine
Sakura Haruno
Akaito Shion
Tetsu Migure
Haku Yowane
there all 15/16 :P
Miku Got excited and kept jumping on my bed saying "Get Up! Get up! Its time for school!"!
Miku:Dad says ifyou dont get up he will sell your skateboard.
Miyoko:Im up! (Btw... Hidan's our dad my cousin thought he was cool enough to be our dad)
*they got dressed in there school uniform (Red,white and black) Miku and miyoko already brushed there teeth and crap so miyoko broke two poptarts in half cause they were sharing a poptart xD miyoko grabbed her skateboard and went to school without miku forgeting she wasnt behind her In the hallways...
Miyoko was rushing to get to class cause she was late she ended bumping into this cute yellow haired blued eyed boy and the both fell...
Naruto:Its okay it happens alot.
*Miyoko helps him up*
Naruto:See you around then.*Smiles at her*
Miyoko:Yea sure bye!*blushes*
Sakura(Best firend since 2nd grade:Miyoko has a crush on somebody!
Miyoko:Noo i dont
Sakura:Well he's just another green eyed boy
Miyoko:His eyes are blue
Miyoko:Crap..i hate it when you do that.
Sakura: you've dealt with it for seven years you can go on another three.Come on before we be marked tardy
Miyoko:K In First period...
Mr.Kagome:Hello children i hope you like where your sitting cause thats your perminate seats for the semester.
*People cheer*
Well kaito sits next to haku and ataito i sit next to sakura and naruto Luka sits next to gakupo and testu and other random anime's sit wherever.And this girl with longish dark dark purple hair(i think) and pretty white eyes kept glaring at me i didnt care as long i didnt have to swing on no one i was okay.We did whatever the hell we were supposed to do and the teacher fell asleep so everone was talking and the girl that i was talking about just kept looking at me like i was doing something to irritate her and i know even know her.
Naruto:Umm.Miyoko? (Btw they told eachother there names i didnt feel like really menitoning that part)
Naruto:Would you like to go hangout after school?
*Luka texted me our convo*
Luka Kaumi:Awwwwww Miyoko!
Mi-Mi:Shut up lol
Luka Kaumi:Are you and naruto going to the karaoke cafe? Cause i wanna go!
Miyoko:I dunno he said he was gonna suprise me
Luka Kaumi:I love suprises!
Miyoko:See this is why i called you a retard in 3rd grade
Luka:xD well i g2g cause the teacher man has awoken from his slumber... x
Miyoko:xD bye
*end of convo*

Mr.Kagome:Err okay since something happened today were gonna let you out of school (I cant think of a lie)
*Everyone cheers and they started to rush out of the door*
Naruto:Well i guess i can take you to your suprise.
*Naruto helps miyoko into his motorcycle and they drifted of to the Karaoke cafe*
When we walked in eeryone was there even the kagamine twins!
Nartuo:Your sister told me you liked to sing so this was the first place i thought of.
Miyoko smiled on the inside and she saw her sister her sister knew what she was thinking so she slouched in her chair alittle...
Miku:Miyoko,do you still have the music paper?
The Girl on stage:Umm were gonna have someone come up here and sing a song i dont really care which one cause they dont pay me enough to care.

*Someone whispers to the girl*
Girl:Is there a Miyoko and miku hatsune here?
*Miyoko and miku steps up on the stage*
Girl. they wrote there own song so i hope you enjoy!
*Miku plays along with miyoko on the piano and starts to sing Luka Megurine-For a dead Girl and it sounded Gorgeous* Everyone clapped and cheered and miku and miyoko ran off stage very quickly.

Right before miyoko left she gave narutoher number and left a kiss mark on his face.
Kaito:Soo...did you get her number?
Akaito:And she planted one of your face too.
Gakupo:She must really like you.
Naruto:I really like her.But i dont know if its real or not.

At miyoko's house they had band practice.. there band was called "Sacrifice"
ANd the song they were practicing was Blue by miyoko and miku but miyoko played the guitiar and sing at the same time.*Naruto came by and saw them practicing cause my retarded friend luka left it open.
Naruto:Wow you are one of a kind what cant you do?
Miyoko:Look at blood without crying.
*Everyone laughed*
Naruto:Come here for a second miyoko.
*they go to the side*
Naruto:Umm this maybe kinda early to ask but do you like me?

Haha gotta love cliffhangers!
What should she say?

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