Girl Kidnapped on Live Security Camera





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Published on May 31, 2010

Forward to 2:30. Shocking kidnapping caught in the act on security camera. -- http://tshirthell.com/store/clicks.ph...

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Tyler Joseph's Leftover Red Bull
IM A FRIGGIN 9 YEAR OLD AND IF I SAW HER GETTING KIDNAPPED I WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE SCREW THE GROCERIES HOLLY MAMA ATTAAAACCKKKKK!!!!!!!! SOME PEOPLE IN THE WORLD JUST DONT CARE BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE GOD ­čśí­čśí­čśí edit 20/6/17: i'm eating cereal with dapgo, tabinof, ihm, and igw beside me just to let everyone know´╗┐
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Tyler Joseph's Leftover Red Bull
i am that one kid who rants about sonics DON'T YOU KNoW THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES´╗┐
Tyler Joseph's Leftover Red Bull Shut up dude you sound like that one kid who rants about sonic´╗┐
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Glittersparkle 288
OMG!!!!!!!!! Did you see that ugly selfish woman walk past when she saw her getting kidnapped!!!!!! wow the society is messed up´╗┐
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Glittersparkle 288 I Think She Avoided Her because She didn't Want To Get Kidnapped Also I get your Point But she should have least called the police´╗┐
It took 3 people to get that poor lady in the van so they obviously weren't that strong. That lady certainly could of helped and so could the vehicle that drove right by, the people coming up on the right. I saw no one pull a phone out the to call 911. Someone could have but not that I saw. I couldn't keep walking. I wouldn't be able to live with myself.´╗┐
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La Miki Minach
Kidnapping starts at 2:35. You're welcome´╗┐
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Goldberg 0
Guys its fake the who was taken the people were taking her a Birthday Party something like that´╗┐
CoreyAnna Byrd
La Miki Minach thanks´╗┐
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mijanur khan
That lady sees what happening and ignores it what the fuck´╗┐
Hannah Griffin
I know this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this but you can tell that's target because of the red balls´╗┐
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Michael Lopez
And the weird stop signs with the red pole wrapped around it.´╗┐
Jordan Carter
+T├Ž Sampson can u suck my dick´╗┐
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How can someone witness a crime soooo blatant & make absolutely no effort 2 help that poor girl?┬á That's just WRONG!!! She could've at the very least ran back n2 the store & alert somebody that actually WOULD do something! What a selfish cunt! Bitch didn't even try 2 do the bare minimum any 1/2way decent person would've done in that situation, like get the license plate.. call 4 help ... NOTHING!!! I find it totally perplexing how some people could really be that cold, desensitized & self absorbed they simply wouldn't feel compelled 2 react in a way they'd obviously want someone 2 do if the same were happening 2 them? WOW!!! That's so disturbing & sad. I know I sure as hell couldn't witness that shit & then just keep on casually strollin' along like everything's fine. Then I thought, well..what might I have done if I had seen that?" Call the cops?... Naww, cuz by the time they waddle out of Dunkin' Donuts & cruise on over, the kidnappers would be long gone & that poor girl could very well be laying at the bottom of a canal b4 they even manage to pull it up on the security cam! Guess that means the only thing left 2 do is buckle up & hang on cuz I'm fittin' 2 go "Christine" on 'em.. head on & full throttle! A car can be replaced... a loved one can't. Hope she made it through the ordeal & came out alive.. if not.. SHAME on those lazy, rotten people who saw it & did nothing!!´╗┐
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(Gaspe) Maybe raping?!´╗┐
lucy parmet
+sjurtens1990┬áWhy would her immediate family run up behind her, grab her violently, and not let her go when she tries to get out?┬á´╗┐
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So Cal
That black cunt who just casually walked by and went to her car needs to be pushed off a cliff´╗┐
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Lorenzo Mcdonald
Anna Banana
Michael Adunah´╗┐
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Wtf. people that drove by just kept going?! ­čśČ´╗┐
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Veloc ipede
Why are you so mad for? Honestly if you saw 3 people assaulting some lady, why would you just run up to them? 1 Its not you're business 2 They could be armed 3 Getting involved could lead you into trouble ´╗┐
Allan Vinicius
CrypticClips So......? Why the kidnapers are always grown man? so what? It's because of stupid people like you with your stupid discuss that so many people die everyday.´╗┐
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chasing a Billion
thats fucking vile!!!! poeple just drove past and that fucking bitch that just walked away!´╗┐
Trap Hunters
chasing a Billion She's just another bitch that'll be burning in hell´╗┐
Wow. Society is fucking up. I'm more mad at the other people than I am at the kidnappers. There are literally like 20 people watching. I'm only 16, and I'd accept that I could have gotten beaten up if I tried to help, but at least I would TRY.´╗┐
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So i hope you have enough brains now to not interfere in such situation?´╗┐
+Heart of Justice I changed a lot over the past year when I wrote that´╗┐
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