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Published on Feb 1, 2012

The future I perpetuate it,other people masturbate it,
tried to do it light now I am bout to Darth Vade it,
I'm pretty faded and things are really looking jaded when my thoughts get stated,
the haters tend to go debate it but I'm different stated,yo I'm higher slated,
I'm running with the ego and when people speaking fecal,I Steven seagull your beagle while staying regal,man I'm making c-notes and nowadays so many heroes amount to zero,
domestic people become feral,and yo I euthanize the poodles I never sterilize my needles,
I'm drinking all the juice of beetles, tape worms, man I feed them,
the peoples lies are short books and yo I got to read them Uh,
I eat Them and little kids I gotta beat them, I never really care man I'm gotta rip it,and everyday I gotta grip it the cup I gotta sip it,everything in life yo I'm bout to come and flip it.
Standardize and vandalize anagrams for the fans the messages will continue to always stand infinite, uh, it depends on these vandals as random as flannel,
the candle continues to burn the urn turn once yearned is now stern,
the intelect is outcome of the fantasy that's driven by the destiny,
it's only recipe its rushing me it's pushing thee while I'm sitting on my toilet seat,
I'm tappin out the beat.
Butane is spewing from my speech I gotta grab it just it to reach,
I gotta learn it to teach,I got this battle to defeat,I got a meal to eat, I'm so hungry I never really care gotta take a trip to hungry, I rolling up my L getting very high as hell once again do you smell I got that Kush? yeah
rum pa pom pom banging on my damn drum,always rising like the sun,rubbing on my belly like the cooking done I smell it, I'm making preparations for nations I plan to conquer dropping bombs up on their bunkers.uh I'm going bonkers on the beat now grab your tongs for the heat,Mommies wearing thongs for the beach,and uh
I gotta come and come get it in so many haters leeches,
I never care always eying all the Georgia peaches and uh,
I gotta get it to the end of time,I never care everyday I'm always gonna rhyme,
and uh ya always gonna hear it, I
(expletive) bring that scorch, you know I'm gonna sear it

woo hoo,woo hoo ,woo hoo
who knew,woo hoo, who knew,
Bring it back hah,
sipping coke and jack hah,
ya yeah uh One time,
people looking funny when they chasing after money,
people looking funny when they getting their money,
people people looking funny when they chasing after money,
people looking funny when they addicted to money

It's very peculiar, nuclear atomic vapor,
sippin life just something quite like a chaser, I'm looking for Mona Lisa,and
uh uh the bloody gums are in the slums, with the chums the bums sippin rum getting dumb, forging for the crumbs and always on the run,
its added to the sum of there equation wrought with tribulation,
no jubilation we get sanctioned for waiting,so many man are really satan, the beast just want the taking,the time is never waiting but we steady get forsakened my humans remain clueless,
so many children are shoeless,and everybody looking foolish,why we gotta do this?, our parents knew this and every Buddhist raising up a fist,universally everybody is looking pissed,I gotta come and get it man I'm changing up the jisst, and with my words I'm on a different type of world, and once again I'm coming thru with a different girl,
uh yo I coming thru with a plan,
I'm coming thru making yes a different type of stand uh
This life is never just a woo hoo,I'm coming thru I let you know the (expletive) that you never knew oh,
woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo
who knew,who knew

Harmonica Bridge

People getting lost up in they two shoes,
I gotta come and get it, I got so many things to prove,
and I'm out to win I'm never ever gonna lose,
I gotta do it man I'm electrician yes I bring the fuse,uh
there's so many people abuse my music I'm hoppin on the track and yes I always gotta lose it,
I gotta get it cus I get mine and every time man I'm standing in line,
and man I'm always gonna rhyme uh and yo, I gotta grip it every day river era is gonna spit it woo hoo.


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