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Published on Aug 15, 2013

A new glitch allowing you to complete most maps pre-emptively and spawn in the next map at an incorrect location. I showcased six routes using the glitch, and there are actually some more involved routes I found, but they got too complicated to put in the video. I am not sure how usable these routes are, considering they require you to mess around with the main menu, but if this would be used in a speedrun it would save quite a lot of time. Also, this glitch makes it possible to complete the game in much less portals.

Spyrunite found two new usable wrong warps:

------------------------ Some facts about the glitch ------------------------

- Wrong warping is only possible on maps that are normally available through challenge mode: the flags won't pop up on other maps.

- The glitch is preserved between maps, so once activated, the glitch can only be deactivated by completely restarting a map using the 'restart_level' command, by fully restarting a chapter through the main menu or using a new cancelling method Znernicus found, which involves reloading a quicksave from the main menu.

- Touching the flags at the end of Finale 4 (final map in the game), causes the text 'End of playtest' to appear on screen. Also, some of the dialogue will not play during the final cutscene of the game and when reaching Glados the game will softlock because she won't move and won't speak to you, and you will be stuck in the cutscene forever. Hence, completing the game with this glitch enabled is only possible if you do the out of bounds boss fight skip like shown in the video, which avoids touching the flags. If you try to beat the game normally with this glitch enabled, there is no way to avoid hitting the flags, because the flags are right below the portalable surface that leads to the stalemate button.

----------------------- How and why the glitch works ------------------------

Explaining how this glitch works exactly works through words is hard, so I will try to keep it as clear as possible:

At the end of most maps in the game, you enter an elevator, which teleports you to a box out of bounds, which contains a trigger that brings you to the next map. Whenever you go to the next map, your relative distance to the center of this box is calculated, and your spawning position in the next map is determined using this relative distance. This mechanic of determining your spawning position in a map using your final position in the previous map is used in most Source games to try and make map transitions smoother, instead of having just a static position in 3D space at which you always spawn, regardless of where and at what viewing angle you ended the previous map. This mechanic is mostly unused in Portal 2, because most maps simply use elevators, so most maps have a static spawning position anyway. Valve tried to simulate this static spawning position using this weird mechanic using boxes out of bounds. By teleporting you to the center of this box out of bounds, it is ensured that the relative distance calculated is always 0.

Also, each map in which you spawn in an elevator also contains a box out of bounds, which holds a trigger that teleports you to the starting elevator. The center of this box is used as a base position at which Chell spawns in the map. The relative distance as described above is added to this base position and that is how your actual spawning position is determined. But because this relative distance is usually just 0 like described above, you spawn inside this box, and you are just normally teleported to the elevator.

So this glitch basically exploits this weird mechanic, by making the relative distance calculated very far from 0. This glitch creates an entirely new trigger (the flags), which in most cases is far away from the box out of bounds which holds the normal map transition trigger that brings you to the next map. But because the game always calculates your relative distance to the center of this box, the relative distance calculated becomes something different than 0, and in most cases even really big. So when you leave the map using the flags, the relative distance calculated is way too big and causes you to spawn in the next map outside of the box out of bounds which contains the teleport to the starting elevator. Hence, you never get teleported to the elevator and you just spawn out of bounds, and in some cases even directly inbounds, halfway into the test chamber.


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