Yasser Arafat Hails Iranian Revolution





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Published on Aug 30, 2009

Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) leader, Yasser Arafat, the first prominent visitor to Iran since the revolution, compared the struggles of the Palestinian and Iranian peoples in a speech on Monday (19 February) "We will continue our efforts until the time we defeat ???ionism and Imperialism", he said. His speech came as he officially took over the former Israeli diplomatic mission on Teheran, proclaiming it the Iranian office of the PLO. During the three days of his visit, the PLO leader had talks with the father of the revolution, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and Iranian Prime Minister, Dr. Mehdi Bazargan. SYNOPSIS: Mr. Arafat and his fifty-nine strong party arrived in the Iranian capital on Saturday (17 February). The PLO leader was among the first in the Arab world to rejoice at the triumph of the Ayatollah and his followers. The PLO has close links with the Ayatollah and helped train many of the guerrillas which battled against the Shah's forces before the revolution gathered momentum. Reports from Beirut suggest that during an evening meeting the Ayatollah offered help to the PLO leader, when the new regime had overcome the legacy of the Shah. On the following day (18 February) Mr. Arafat met Iranian Premier, Dr. Mehdi Bazargan, and attended a meeting of the thirteen strong cabinet. Prime Minister Bazargan still faces a number of problems as he gets down to the t ask of governing a country crippled by months of political violence and economic chaos. A further headache comes with the ??? that former Premier Shapur Bakhtiar, officially reported to have been arrested is free, somewhere in Iran. After his talks with Prime Minister Bazargan, the PLO leader spoke about Iran's oil resource and reporters at a crowded news conference that the Iranian revolution, "would build a new era in the Middle East". On Monday (19 February) at the former headquarters of the Israeli diplomatic mission Mr. Arafat received a warm welcome from supporters of the Ayatollah. Iran has expelled all remaining Israeli citizens and severed diplomatic ties with the country. The mission, evacuated by the Israelis before anti-Shah revolutionaries attacked and ransacked the building is to become the PLO headquarters in Iran. Mr. Arafat was attending the inauguration of the PLO offices, accompanied by a close aide of the Ayatollah, deputy Prime Minster Ibrahim Yahdi. The PLO leader told the enthusiastic crowd the successful struggle in Iran augured well for the future of Palestine. He said, "Under the Aytollah's leadership we will free Palestine".

Date: 19/02/1979

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So happy he's dead, he was a evil rat.. Who had aids
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Niall Bradley
What a smile! Arafat was a real cool dude! The only way Israel could get rid of him was to murder him with polonium when he was elderly - so cowardly. For all its weapons, 'sophistication' and 'democracy', Israel is such a primitive society.
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Pooyan Fakhraei
you can think like that but who cares about your idea or other small group of people who think like you. these people are be respected by thousands or even millions of Iranian. Iranian public opinion look at them as some people who lunched lots of services for the country and most of this people are passed away so any court couldn't lunch an action again them.
The smile on his face already reveals all the weapons hes dreaming of.. all the ressoruces... all the money, and the iranian are to suffer. That leech was placed in iran, it's up to us to remove it and send it back to one of those new 'free arab places' where they can molest children, beat their wifes and live 100'000 years in the past. You fuckheads!
محمد بشار
We love Iranian people
bardia kasravi
Bastard Yaser Arafat... He was made in the USA
Iran should always support Palestinian cause,all this talk about Arabs and mullahs are just emotion.Iran and Israel have nothing in common.
Donald duck-1984
its funny while the iranian people starves 2 death, but the mullahs in iran give billions of aid to the arabs and hizbollah ;)
Parhâm Âzari
Iran was victim of a 'revolution' '79 that was started and supported by the western powers. Long time propaganda against His Imperial Majesty, supporting of terrorist groups in Iran such as Aqvanhol Moslemin or communist groups, sabotage but blamed on Shah. Did you know that Arafat sent 1000's of Palestinian soldiers dressed as the Imperial Army where they raped, killed, tortured people and then blamed it on the Shah? ... This is all start. 
@siamack1967 Back to the Arabs? Are you retarded? All the Arab states belong to the U.S. with the exception of Syria you dumb shah cocksucking twat.
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