Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic Playthrough Part 1





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Published on Mar 30, 2012

Most people who are watching this probably know the tale behind this game and Super Mario Bros. 2, so I won't go into detail. I am NOT trying to find the location of every Heart. Instead, I am going to show every single level this game has to offer. I'm playing as Lina, as she is a really useful character.

In this part, we go through the first five Chapters.

These are the stages shown in this part:

Chapter 1-1: The first stage of the game. It is really simple and straightforward. You can get used to the items and mechanics of the game here. There is a shortcut that you can take to Birdo in the cave, but I decided not to take it. The boss of this stage, a Pink Birdo, is ridiculously easy. Just fight back with the eggs that Birdo spits out.

Chapter 1-2: This stage is a little tougher, but not by a whole lot. This is the first stage that has Keys and Phantos, along with carpet riding. The boss of this stage is another Pink Birdo.

Chapter 1-3: This stage can be really annoying. It requires you to climb up a giant tower and get the Key, then go all the way down to the locked door while avoiding a Phanto. The boss here is Mouser. He isn't too tough. Just throw Mouser's bombs back at him. He will only get damaged if he's near the blast of the bomb.

Chapter 2-1: I don't have much to say about this stage. It's pretty straightforward. On a side-note, this is the first desert stage in the game, along with the first stage to have sand you need to dig into. The boss of this stage is yet another Pink Birdo.

Chapter 2-2: This stage was just tedious. The constant digging took way too long to do. It's really tedious as Lina, since she's the weakest out of the four characters. The boss of this stage is a Red Birdo. This Birdo spits out eggs and fireballs. Other than that, she's still defeated like the Pink one. Avoid the fireballs, throw back the eggs.

Chapter 2-3: Yaaaay, more digging, except this time there's a Phanto chasing you because of you taking its key. The boss of this stage is Tryclyde. To defeat him, you must hit him with a Mask three times.

Chapter 3-1: This stage is pretty short. The difficulty here can come from the annoying Pansers scattered across the stage. The boss here is another Red Birdo.

Chapter 3-2: You will be underground for most of this stage, and let me tell you, it's pretty annoying since you can't run in this game. The bomb section can be a serious pain. The boss of this stage is another Red Birdo.

Chapter 3-3: This stage is a maze-like tower that contains many enemies. I despise the Sparks in this stage. The boss here is a Green Mouser, which has a bit more stamina than the previous one. He has the same weakness as the first Mouser.

Chapter 4-1: The first ice stage of the game. Flurries can be really bothersome. Thankfully, Lina's floating ability can be really useful here. The second part of this stage is just an obstacle course. This stage has no boss.

Chapter 4-2: This stage contains whales that you have to jump across to reach the end of the stage. The boss here is another Red Birdo.

Chapter 4-3: Another stage that requires you to travel through multiple towers. I actually love this stage. The boss of this stage is Fryguy. You must hit him with Masks until he spilts into four smaller Fryguys, which must also be hit with Masks.

Chapter 5-1: This stage has you jumping from log to log, Trouter to Trouter, reaching the end of the stage. The boss here is a Grey Birdo, which only spits out fireballs. It must be killed with Masks.

Chapter 5-2: This stage contains many Hoopsters that you must jump across. It isn't that hard of a stage. The boss here is yet another Red Birdo.

Chapter 5-3: This is another really fun stage that has many Bob-ombs, Pansers, and Sparks. The boss here is a White Mouser. This Mouser was replaced by Clawgrip in Super Mario Bros. 2. This Mouser has much more stamina than the previous two, along with spikes that can get in the way. You must still hit him with bombs to defeat him.


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