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Published on Mar 17, 2011


The first trap piece can be found on the level 2 floor. While moving counter clockwise around the floor it can be found tucked in between some computers BEFORE you turn right to enter the elevator. The second piece is in a cabinet on a wall in the Bowie Knife room. You can only carry one at a time, you install them in the metal detectors on the top floor, which then turns them into electric barriers that kills zombies in 1 hit. You can run through these traps if you have Juggernog, but be careful.


Try to stay on the top floor in the hallway leading up to the elevator with the Speed Cola machine. You're gonna wanna try to stay on this floor until your 2P team has about 15K points. THERE MUST ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WATCHING THE 2 WINDOWS BY THE ELEVATOR, IF THEY FALL YOU'RE COMPROMISED. The same person guarding those 2 windows should also try to check on the broken wall by Speed Cola. Keep your handgun and survive on the MPL in the hallway. BUY THE ELEVATOR AFTER THE MPLs ASAP, BUT STAY UP THERE..=

After opening the stairs barrier on level 2, by now you should have plenty of points to turn on the power and by Juggernog. MAKE A CRAWLER OR LEAVE A ZOMBIE STANDING. Go down the elevator, when the door opens rush straight ahead and turn left into the power room which doesn't need to be opened, flip the switch and go through the teleporter in front of you. THE POWER SWITCH TELEPORTER WILL ALWAYS TAKE YOU TO A DIFFERENT FLOOR, THE OTHER TELEPORTERS IN THE BASEMENT OF LEVEL 3 ARE VERY UNPREDICTABLE AND TOO DANGEROUS TO USE EVER. Buy Juggernog, hit the 4 Defcon switches, upgrade your handgun if possible and if someone has the points buy the Bowie Knife for 3K. The Bowie Knife is in the first room to the left that you can purchase after taking the elevator to the basement.


The main goal of this strategy is for Player 2 to hang out in the Pack-A-Punch room guarding the 2 windows with a Bowie Knife while Player 1 does counter clockwise laps around the floor on level 2 killtraining the zombies with the MP5K. For the runner, walk don't run unless you have too. For the Bowie Knife guy, stay in the corner which is farthest from the main room by the teleporter. If zombies come to a window, slash them. The runner SHOULD have Mustang and Sally and the guy in the PAP room NEEDS A BOWIE KNIFE. The runner will get 90% of the zombies and points. If both players are experienced runners they can trade positions mid-round or in-between rounds to balance point distribution. KEEP THE PAP ROOM OPEN AT ALL TIMES UNLESS SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPGRADE A WEAPON OR IF THERE'S A CRAWLER. If the runner gets downed, the Bowie Knife man has to leave the room immediately to pick him up. The downed runner shouldn't shoot his handguns while downed unless he's covering his partner while he's being picked up.


1. After all zombies are spawned, player 2 goes up stairs on level 2 and takes the elevator to the top room. This player rebuilds windows and needs to monitor if the trap across from the elevator has recharged yet. The windows in the hallway are most important.

2. When player 2 is ready, player 1 goes through the teleporter on level 2. He will either pop out on level 3 -- which is most likely -- or pop out onto the top floor. If player 1 is in the basement, you need to make your way to the power switch teleporter and enter that. If you come out by the power switch, turn left and make a big slow clockwise circle around the bottom floor to stall so that teleporter can cool down. When you finally make it to the top floor, the zombies will all follow behind you. Run into the corner with the trap with player 2, activate the trap, fry them, then rush to the elevator and go back to level 2.

3. Rush down the stairs and do a lap or 2 until they're all together again. You need them to all be runners so they're going at the same speed, crawlers can mess things up. The runner using the teleporters to herd the zombies to the top floor should have the Winter's Fury, Awful Lawton and monkey bombs; as many of those 3 as possible. The runner needs experience and the former Bowie Knife position needs to cooperate to survive."


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