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Published on Mar 15, 2012

Smoking causes cancer. In this TV ad for CDC's "Tips From Former Smokers" campaign, Terrie talks about how she gets ready for the day after the effects of treatments for throat cancer caused her to lose her teeth and hair, and to have a laryngectomy.

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To learn more about tobacco control and prevention, go to BeTobaccoFree.gov

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Colby Botelho
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anavrin dreamer and sis :3 hater
Colby Botelho Thats messed up 😂😂
トパーズ idk it's pretty funny 😂
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They should stop selling cigarettes 
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soomi 조수미
I can't believe they allow cigarettes but not marajuana. They're both harmful but at least marajuana doesn't do this to you.
Wow eventhough the company sells billions and there are people having jobs there, does it worth risking 20 million lives and more to come, just for $$??? So you're basically trading people's lives. Idk what's wrong with humanity now, it KILLS people, it's bad, and idk how people think it's okay. Well cause it doesn't happen to them yet, I suppose? It takes the death of their loved ones to make them realize. Smoking does almost NO good to people. Idk how the 'right to choose' or 'freedom' allows the deaths of huge amount of lives. Why smoke when there's a lot of better stuffs out there, like the $ u get from all the cigarettes u bought, you'd probably be able to travel the world or buy delicious food and just enjoy life. Or even donate the ones in need and save a life, instead of killing yourself slowly. Either way smoking is a really bad habit. Please people, love yourself, put that piece of garbage down, throw em out, and maybe get some food for satisfaction instead. Or do sports like ride a bike or go for a swim. Or just go out on a stroll at a park. Or simply hug your loved ones. Our lives matter regardless of who we are.
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Lui Trap
it's so sad/scary, you can see her facial reaction at the end when she says and now you're ready for the day, you can see the regret in her eyes
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Kris Emmanuel
ik.. u could even see her mouth kinda shake like she was about to cry
Snapper Not me.
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Jacob Carter
And yet people today STILL continue to smoke!! How can anyone continue after seeing this?!?! Rest In Peace Terrie :'(
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Jacob Carter Oh well.
Daggah Zorrora
annabelle offor but people have quit before. you act like its impossible
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Taylor Knowles
i always wondered who did the voice of Donald duck
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water melon
Taylor Knowles I felt so bad for laughing.
noa brockett
Nick Piers you're*** you're disgusting for not knowing correct usage of the word your!
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Holy smokes
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Bball Kid
TheLollypop587 ur not even funny
Ivory The Elephant
Ba-dum tissss
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Santricia Jones
Wow, if this doesn't wake smokers up then i don't know what will.
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Simply Iconic
an alarm clock
VictoriaLifeStyle _509
Kirby Fan AVGCP NODD IKR I mean there paying for it but it kinda is scary
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Kevin Sisk
Not gonna lie, this one scares me.
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J adam Racer 649
every time
Kk Vids
xxiAcid ur joking right
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Mala Suerte
Have you ever noticed how all the smokers turn away when this PSA comes on? Denial, is mind boggling
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Dr Cunt
no because personal choice is the only thing that matters in this situation
Good luck on quitting smoking, Brando!
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Kobe  Estacio
Why do governments allow the selling of cigarettes yet, the law says its prohibited? Give me an answer!
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Who likes beans
The same reason prostitution's illegal; taxes.
Kobe  Estacio
+sine730 That is what exactly our school "something something rules regulations guy" said because the speaker in that topic didn't have an answer. Thank him for that. But I still agree with you :)
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