Bring Me To LIfe Part 3 !!!





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Published on Sep 10, 2009

Starring: Miley Cyrus as Valisia Draynor Emily Osment as Rose Hathaway Joe Jonas as Dimitri Belviok Kevin Jonas as Cristian Wells Nick Jonas as Darian Wells and many more. **with Darian**

Darian: *finshed packing when he recieves a text message and it reads: Put your stuff in the back of the truck, and drive to the park. The keys are on the front seat. - Dimitri*

**With Dimitri**

Dimitri: *closes eyes changing outfits to a black shirt with a cape with a crsent moon appearing on his forehead with black pants and normal shoes* I summon you *focasing on one thing*

**a dark figure appears in something similar to him but only in blue**
Dimitri: Sapphire

Sappire: Dimitri, what is it?

Dimitri: He found her...

Sapphire: WHAT?!?! HOW?!?!?!

Dimitri: I'm not sure yet. I saw him take her away to the room they've made for her, and she fell right into their trap. This isn't good.

Sapphire: Never let her out of your sight again okay?

Dimitri: yes

Sapphire: and when he does appear transform. Til then *the wind picks up his cape having it flow behind him shadowing his figure as he walks into the night disappearing*

Dimitri: *hears Darian and tancforms back into his human clothing* Finally!

Darian: Sorry, now what the hell is going on.

Dimitri: Did you get the diary?

Darian: Wait, you know about that?

Dimitri: Very much, the ruler of the moon kingdom himself wrote it.

Darian: Then why do I have it?

Dimitri: Many years ago during a war something happend. Our queen transformed us all into human babies but with our normal powers. She then sent us to Earth to keep us safe.

Darian: So, what do I have to do with any of this?

Dimitri: Your Prince Darian but somethings happend to you.

Darian: *processing this all in his mind memories coming back of the tragic night* What happend?

Dimitri: The Dark Moon was able to hit you and you passed out. They gave you some type of potion that is slowly possesing your mind and soul turning you evil. You have to fight it. The day you got that diary do you remeber waking up in a dark forest? unconsious?

Darian: Yeah I do.

Dimitri: They had gotten ahold of something inside you and were able to take over your mind but only for a short time period. They aren't strong enough to permantley take over you but in time they'll learn to do just that.

Darian: what do I have to do?

Dimitri: Our job is to protect the kingdom and princess Valisia.

Darian: Wait, Valisia Draynor?!?!

Dimitri: She has no memory of ever being a princess. we must return her memories to her but there scattered across time and space only then can we for sure defeat the dark moon. that is why I must teach you the ways of our kingdom starting at dawn......

**** Over the next three years Darian ate, drank, and slept the Moon kingdom. He fought off the dark foces inside of him so they couldn't get to Valisia. He finally met Sapphire. He finsihed his diary which explained everything to him. How he was throw in prison for speaking his mind to a peasant. How his kind were being beaten and killed by his guards. How princess Valisia became ill alot. How she was to become a queen the night the war broke out. How she almost died from the dark moon forces removing her memories which are actually feathers that her mother use to give her. He learned how he was a prince and how to act like one. He was trained to use his powers very well and to use a sword with a sheild. During this time Valisia still wondered about Prince Darian (the evil part of him) and what he wanted with her. She was so confused though she hid it from everyone. She continued her studies and passed her freshman sophmore, and junior year. Summer ended only too quick and she was starting her senior year. She was so excited but scared. She didnt know what would happen to her after she left for college or what this year would hold for her. She would miss all her friends her freedom and she wasent sure if she was ready for the responsibility of becoming an adult!****


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