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Published on Jun 27, 2012

Will Urahara Be Able To Take Out Kirge?
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Maybe because ichigo is a Quincy
Zenhasu Stormclaw
im sure he lost the form of when he fought aizen seeing how when he used it he lost all his powers. i doubt he would go there again 
Cyber Bunny
Sorry this took so long to reply to! But I doubt it is because he's human. I think that Ginjo was a sub when after the Quincy's were 'exterminated'. If he was, I think that they would prepare for something like that. And no, I doubt he has his hollow powers very much. If he does, then he hasn't used a power that he completely tamed xD Doubt it very much.
I think it is because of ichigo's fullbring. 
whos misaki? im sorry but im not very good with bleachs character name..and yes im excited about new chapters but not for bleach..im excited about one piecesi would never read and watch bleach all over again lol thats a waste of time..i have already watch and read one piece and naruto twice tho
wow dude u have a long wayy to go..btw i suggest u stop looking forneverworlds video or he will spoil that shit out of ur shows
Dom Say
My theory as to why Ichigo can't lose his Bankai is that Ichigo was given his shinigami powers back from Rukia. I think that after he used his Final Gentuga Tenshou Zangetsu actually vanished, which would mean the Quincy steal the zanpakuto. Ichigo can't have it stolen because he doesn't have one. 
i think masaki is a quincy.. she got kill because ichigo got her kill! 
my friend told me ichigo's bankai cannot be stolen because his bankai becomes part of his form/ anatomy, the quincies can only steal bankai that "materialize" from the users reiatsu. I don't know where this was sourced but to me that sounds mre plausible than ichigo being half quincy! or whatever this debate about ichigo's mother is :S look back on chapter 483 when ivan tries to steal ichigo bankai it starts to break of him before ichigo lashes out a getsuga 
That covering IS part of the other body. Go back and watch that episode again, and take note of what the girl is wearing when 9 yr old Ichigo initially sees her. And at Masaki's grave, Karin saw the same girl-lure outfitted in the same overcoat. You can also see it in the manga in chapters called "6/17".
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