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Uploaded on Feb 5, 2012

Robocod on the Amiga. SEE BELOW FOR EXTRA TIPS!. I show 90% of the hidden bonus locations in the video, and we play right up to Dr Maybe himself! I scored 7.9M on this run - and I'll talk about how to pick up an extra 1M worth of prizes I didn't collect. Also contains an extra special bonus belch at 54:54.

--- The intro soundtrack can be found here
http://amigaremix.com - Chevrefeuille - codeName RoBoCoD.mp3

and I also love this one:
http://amigaremix.com - Makke - James Pond RoboCod Title- FishyAgent.mp3


MANY thanks to Harry on EAB, John4p and jPV on lemonamiga.com for these:

General notes:
Don't bother collecting stars if you're already on full health, as they give no points, but save them in case you get hit.

By stretching you can pick up poison flasks without taking damage (of course only those above you).

00:03:12 stand on the left topmost tennis ball and stretch into the ceiling for two extra lives.

00:05:02 there are 1 or 2 stars hidden in the blue wall.

00:10:28 and 00:10:56 - The maze, you can collect every item except the cup by stretching from the floor. To collect the cup you must die intentionally once.

00:11:51 there are wings in a box above the left roof.

00:12:11 there is a life and a crown in the small enclosed room above you.

00:12:20 stretch up to a high platform and hold onto an edge of it. When the bird is just below you, fall onto it and high jump with an arc onto the platform. (jpv) But you can always just stretch from the floor and go through the candy platforms exactly underneath the items to pick them up.

00:32:24 The pacmen ghosts can be jumped on with the roboball if you're careful.

00:36:36 there are 3 lives in boxes behind a lift to the right. Go left up the path and run right through the lift.

00:37:30 ignore the two hidden areas and collect everything else on the level. Now enter one of the two hidden areas. When you exit the level will be reset (except for the hidden area you already entered). Collect all the items again. Enter the other hidden area. Exit, collect everything again for a 3rd time. This alone is worth 1M.There are a couple of other levels where you can use this technique too.

00:44:00 continue right and collect the crowns and clear the level before you go for the toothbrush room. Then clear the level again, remembering the bonuses behind the bath.

00:44:16 there is an extra life in the empty toothbrush. Jump from below to reveal it.

00:45:28 jump over the hidden exit in the middle of the bath to find even more items behind the taps.

00:47:07 there is an extra life in the bulls-eye.

00:48:18 there is one more coin to the left in the platform above you.

00:49:35 there is a secret room here

00:49:59 jump here and go up/right to get the coins.

00:53:54 take the lowest exit. In the bonus level, go to the left and take the right exit. Then choose the right side.

00:54:54 (belch point) stretch to the ceiling and continue to the right to collect items.

01:08:21 In the 1st music level you can easily jump via the platforms to the middle of the level and collect the plane instead of the wings. Makes the whole world a breeze. Especially in the infamous notes-level you can destroy everything without risk.

01:10:00 take the lift up and go right to avoid the spikes. Clear the level and then return to the first bonus exit. The second exit leads to the same bonus room.

01:17:07 if you ignore the wings, go right and use the big switch and moving platform to get to the plane, you can clear the level easier, and take the plane onto the next level.

01:17:21 you can find extra coins in the beams above the doorways to the tents.

01:18:50 go into this second door and pick up a plane to save you going right to get the wings.

Dr. Maybe:
You can hit him only when he throws his head, and he will flash when he's about to do so. He will throw it in the direction he walks, so go to the other side and wait there for his head. Start by going right and let the snowman jump over you. Jump onto Maybe's head and then onto Maybe. Use the roboball only if he is not in the third of the platform near you, else you wont have enough time to escape. Jump left. You can kill the snowman there, because he cannot jump as high as you when he's under the platform. Then walk under the middle platform and look to which direction Dr. Maybe walks.

Review Video Notes:
After three attempts I finally got a game rip which played smoothly; without a mouse pointer on screen, and which played right to the end of the game (I had to use a savestate to get beyond the Ballerina Girls - hence no highscore). Voiceover added Friday(3.2.12). Spent all day Saturday(4.2.12) searching for a rogue belch. After three full playthru's of the video; and fixing quite a number of other bugs; I gave up my search for the belch and compiled it anyway. (I've since found it - too late). File size: 3.7Gig. Upload time: 9hrs 20mins.

uploaded by lifeschool


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