Frost Mage One Shot Macro - Patch 5.0.4 PvP World of Warcraft by Cartoonz





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Published on Aug 30, 2012

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/cancelaura Invisibility
#showtooltip Icy Veins
/cast Icy Veins
/use 13

Icy Veins Glyph Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yRmrT...

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Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen)
Ephixa - Ideekay

Comments • 794

lolnope suciu
ur a beast
Li Yun
Hi,  anyone knows what the background music is for this video?
+Li Yun Invincible (Alex Klingle remix)
Last name ever First name greatest
yeah, that wasn't a "one shot" ok so stop lying
Do you even need to pull up your Mirror Images???? Doesn't really seem like they have time to do much. 
How many times do you have to hit an opponent with a One Shot Macro to kill them?   As I understand it, you hit them once and they dead.
brendon doerffler
loves yo vids man 
Holy shit the talents in wow became ez mode.. havent played it since vanilla.. and but the looks, im glad..
Seb A
As somebody who has played WoW on and off since 2005, I prefer this talent system. The oldschool talent tree quickly devolved into "cookie cutter" builds when people figured it out. Even though it looked more complex, there was really only one way to talent if you wanted to have the best DPS/healing/tanking possible. Also, a lot of the fun or usefull talents were often locked away deep into specs that were otherwise garbage, and to get them you had to sacrifice talent points that you could have spent in other places to improve your dps... overall it felt clunky and boring. In this talent system though, every tier has abilities that accomplish similiar goals but in significantly different ways, and although there are still cookie cutter choices here and there, it often comes down to personal preference and the situation that you are in (keep in mind that you can switch talents easily before each boss/bg/arena). Let me give you an example: The third tier of rogue talents are a choice between 3 defensive talents, one which lets you survive an attack that would otherwise kill you (followed by a short damage reduction), one which gives you a poison that heals you for 10% of the damage you deal, and one that makes an ability which reduces AOE damage you take by 50% for a couple of seconds, also reduce ALL damage by 30% (this ability, feint, costs energy but has no cooldown). In PVE, the first one is usefull for when a boss has a lot of abilities which kill you quickly if you fuck up and "stand in the fire", the second one is usefull if there is a lot of constant damage and the healers have a hard time keeping the entire raid alive, and the third one is usefull when the boss has periods of high AOE damage, so you can help out your healers by avoiding a whopping 80% of the damage and letting them focus on other raid members. Before each boss encounter, you have to think about which one of these abilities is best for you and your raid, and the choices aren't always obvious either, since boss mechanics are a lot more complicated and interesting now then they used to be in vanilla. TLDR; This talent system alows meaningfull and fun choices, which the vanilla one didn't, and is a lot more complex then the vanilla one even though it looks simpler.
Alexander Hellsing
I cannot see ur videos :(
the 13th eq slot, in which is the pvp on use trinket
/use 13 .. what is this guyz?
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