Ritual of the Mahjarrat part 7





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Published on Sep 29, 2011

This video was created to assist the runescape lores wiki, which focuses on the game called runescape created by jagex. It is not a guide, but instead focuses on story, dialogue, and cutscenes.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat deals with the gathering of one of runescape's most powerful group of beings: the mahjarrat. When celestial bodies align correctly every 500 years they meet in the frozen north to sacrifice one of their own so the rest can rejuvenate their power and extend their lives. Secret alliances and machinations are common between the Mahjarrat to unfairly stack the odds.

PART 1:Sir Tiffy sends the hero on yet another temple knight mission. The hero meets with an undercover knight, Sir Tendeth, in Mos Le'Harmless to discuss a possible attack on the island. The island city is attacked and Sir Tendeth is killed while heading out with the hero to investigate. The hero sneaks towards the attackers in order to overhear they plan to attack more populated cities to "ease the pain". Alarmed, the adventurer returnes to Sir Tiffy to inform him of the news.

PART 2:To better get an idea of what those creatures are, they go to the Temple Knights' library to do research. A book on dragonkin confirms this is what the hero saw. The book also mentions the need to seek out Robert the Strong, who was reincarnated as a Cat, in order to find a way to the plane of Kethsi to find the answer to defeating the dragonkin. The hero uses the fairy ring code on Bob's collar to find Kethsi and explore the plane. The adventurer learns that excessive use of the stone of Jas empowers the dragonkin and can lead to an apocalypse.

PART 3:The hero reports back to Sir Tiffy and enlists the help of the Temple Knights, Guardians of Armadyl, and Crux Eqal. Ali the wise also sends the hero to enlist Azzanadra's help. A list of pre-ritual missions for the hero is also created.

PART 4:The hero carries out his pre-ritual missions, the last of which is finding the entrance to the location of the Stone of Jas.

PART 5:The hero touches the stone, while placing teleorbs on it, and receives a vision. An alarm is triggered and dumps the hero onto the frozen plateau where he meets up with his allies. After defeating Khazard and his forces the group moves onward to the ritual stone.

PART 6:The group is met by Lucien, who summons ice titans and attacks.

PART 7:After defeating ice titans, the group must face lucien and a summoned army of ice demons. Various forces join in the battle.

PART 8:The ice demons are defeated, but other mahjarrat appear and the situation escalates as they try to determine the next sacrifice.

PART 9:The sacrifice is decided and the ritual is completed, but fighting breaks out again and leads to more death (I am trying not to have obvious spoilers in this description). The fate of the Stone of Jas is decided.

PART 10:The hero receives a disturbing vision from the dragonkin.

PART 11(Quest follow up):The hero learns the fate of Edgeville. He also questions and gains information from Azzanadra, Wahisietel, and other NPCs. The final fate of Arrav is revealed.


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