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Uploaded on Jul 20, 2011

Part 44 of 48

Throne Room
Fantasia Part 2
Fireworks Control Tower
Sorrow Tower

(Yes, I skip "Fantasia Part 1." I'll explain.)

This is the room where Oswald used to reign over Wasteland, until the Shadow Blot came by and claimed it by force. Oswald was forced to retreat to Mickeyjunk Mountain and built a new throne there. In the previous video, Mickey took out the Slobber occupying this usurped throne room. Now, the order of business is getting to a projector here, which will take Mickey to the Fireworks Control Tower. There are two ways to go about this--again, one is a Hero path and the other is a Scrapper path.

The Scrapper path requires you to find four pulley systems. Over the course of this video, you'll see me come across all four of them. Once Mickey destroys all four of them with Thinner, the chandelier high above will fall and crash into the throne, destroying it and the wall behind it. This will reveal the projector leading to "Fantasia: Part I."
1. To the left of where Mickey begins. There's a wall he can dissolve with Thinner. Behind this is a room, whose back wall can be spun-attacked to reveal a pulley.
2. On the second floor, behind the back painting on the right.

The Hero path involves restoring all 8 paintings, which shouldn't be too difficult as they're all neatly arranged and in plain sight. There are two sets of four paintings: A happy painting and its sad or evil counterpart. Each set will reveal a gargoyle; the one for the dark paintings will shoots light. (They are Laverne, Hugo, and Victor from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1996), from top to bottom.) You then have to restore the large stained glass picture above the throne, which lowers the chandelier. Spin the other gargoyles to reflect the light around the place until the beam hits the crystal, which will direct it towards the stained glass. This opens a chamber behind the stained glass, which contains a projector leading to "Fantasia: Part II." When Mickey meets up with Oswald again, Oswald will give Mickey a very special Oswald Pin for restoring the paintings. You can tell at this point that Oswald has put his faith and trust in Mickey. By the way, listen carefully--completed paintings have sounds corresponding to the subject matter of the paintings.
On the first floor:
1. Mean Street after the Thinner Disaster: "Mean Street is in such a sad state since the Thinner Disaster."
2. Dark Beauty Castle after the Thinner Disaster: "It's sad to see this once beautiful castle so dark and twisted."
3. Oswald and Ortensia on a bench: "Oswald and his sweetie Ortensia. They were so happy together."
4. Oswald as a joyful king: "Oswald is never happier than when he's a star... or pretending to be one."
On the second floor are counterparts to each of the first-floor paintings:
5. The Mad Doctor (evil counterpart to King Oswald): The Mad Doctor used to be loyal to Oswald. Sadly, he decided instead that the Blot could get him what he wanted."
6. Oswald alone (sad counterpart to the two together): "How sad... Oswald sitting alone on the bench with Ortensia's hat; he really misses her."
7. Mean Street before the Thinner Disaster: "This represents the happy times on Mean Street. See the fireworks coming from the castle?"
8. Dark Beauty Castle before the Thinner Disaster: "That's the Dark Beauty Castle that used to make everyone here happy. I miss it."
And the stained glass picture is of Oswald and Ortensia holding hands, looking up at the castle.

They're really quite heart-wrenching. Feel free to pause to absorb in the history of Wasteland told through these paintings. (Who painted them after the Shadow Blot took over, I have no idea.)

Yes, this means that Fantasia Parts 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive. Like with "Clock Cleaners: Part II" and "Steamboat Willie: Part II" in Gremlin Village, you can't visit both projectors in one run (see Part 7, "Village Handyman"). And yes, that's why there are two sets of Guardians in this room.

"Fantasia" (1940) was also quite the fixture of Disney's works. All of the projector stages for "Fantasia" are about "The Sorceror's Apprentice," which is the part everyone knows about. If you've never watched it, you might not recognize what's going on in "Fantasia: Part II." This is the part of the short where Mickey goes outside and makes stars crash into each other for fun.

Anyway, Mickey meets up with Oswald again at the Fireworks Control Tower. He plans to launch a massive attack at the Shadow Blot with, well, the fireworks. The thing is that Mickey needs to activate them at three towers: Sorrow Tower, Grief Tower, and Loss Tower. Sorrow Tower is the first one up, and now the Shadow Blot is ravaging the castle, destroying it as Mickey passes by. It REALLY wants to do away with Mickey now.

There's very little puzzle stuff from here on out--it's going to be mostly platforming. undisputably the toughest in the game. It's going to be a crazy ride!


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