BRIDGE ON RIVER KWAI - video metaphor for teabagger ephipany





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Published on Oct 19, 2010

I always think of this scene when I picture the NECESSARY epiphany that conservatives and teagaggers MUST have some day, SOON, when they realize that are BETRAYING the hopes and dreams of everything our forefathers created by wresting this country from hereditary and economic, corporate royalty by being so willingly and EASILY BAMBOOZLED by corporate supremacist kochroach teabaggers.
In this, US Navy Commander Shears (William Holden), good guy (liberal in this parable) dies before Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness), useful idiot (dumbass teagagger in this story), suffering from Stockholm syndrome and hubris, has been putting forward the interests of the bad guys, the japanese (the conservative enemies of freedom in this tale of teabaggery too late redeemed).
I know! It's a perfect metaphor for teabaggery.
Holden's death shocks Colonel Nicholson out of his delusion that helping the bad guys is in HIS interest.
The wave of the "what have I done" epiphany is EXACTLY what I'm waiting to see in teagagger nation.

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Isn't it funny. I was looking for this clip to use as a metaphor for those Senators who voted for Obamacare. When it destroys our health care system, and bankrupts our country, it will be too late. They need to fall on the detonator now and kill it before it kills us. "the conservative enemies of freedom" Let me advise that there is more virtue in being informed rather than just opinionated. Cheers! 
Raymond Dundas
You know, this film is not a liberal propaganda piece. So using it as one is a non sequitur. One could just as easily use it to illustrate liberals as useful idiots. Using this film in the manner that you are is as asinine as analogising the Crimean War with the Cola Wars.
Ranch LKM
You simply cannot fix liberalism. Thankfully, it's dying in America. You are right, our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves! -42 months of unemployment above 8% -110 million American's now on some form of Welfare. -Record number of American's on food stamps. -Country more divided than it's ever been before -Obamacare- YUP, I'm sure our founders are doing cart wheels over this one! -Run a muck government! Our founders believed government should play a MINIMAL role! Next! 
Ranch LKM
Wow! You can't fix the mental disorder of a liberal. I truly don't think it's possible. 42 months of unemployment above 8% due to failed policy 110 million American's now on some form of Welfare Record number on food stamps $4.3 trillion in new spending over 3.5 years Country more divided than ever before. You are right. Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves!
Not even Close, This Would only Be a Tea Baggar Methaphor, If Sir Alec Guinnes Where to Shove His Head Up His Ass!, Then It Would Be Spot On! Yeah Lets Git Rid Of Social Security, Public School's, Stop Sign's , and Hospital's, There Not in Our Comstitution!, oh Yeah, Lets Give away all Our Right's to The Corporation's, and Give Our tax Dollar's to Millionaire's, Becouse Someday I Might Be One!, Retard's!
Kevin Sullivan
@drkim1 Care to give your opinion on the DELIBERATE conservative plan to bankrupt America called "starve the beast," jude wanniski's The Two Santa Claus theory, the powell memo, roger ailes,nixon gop tv? Do you KNOW ANYTHING about ACTUAL history?
Kevin Sullivan
@dinoballz I don't think that changes anything, a huge part was the Colonel's "Stockholm syndrome" affinity for his captors. The fact that the japs engineered some "collateral damage" in pursuit of the greater good is part of the metaphor. Thank you for the thoughtful response.
Kevin Sullivan
"plagiarize?" You stupid fucking conservaliartraitorcon clown, "you keep using that word, It DOES NOT mean what you think it does." Get a dictionary dipshit. Thank you for being yet ANOTHER touchstone of conservastupid.
Kevin Sullivan
@AdventureTime6 Hey! DUMBASS, they named themselves TEABAGGERS. AND they are soooo stupid, they don't even know that the Boston Tea Party was NOT anti "big gubmint," but ANTI BIG CORPORATION OWNING the "gubmint." Thanks for weighing in with your "don't know nuthin' 'bout history" point of view though. It was quite amusing. 
Kevin Sullivan
@moddone79 ROFLMFO at how stupid and mendacious that lie is.
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