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  1. Police: Wife's Murder-For-Hile Plot Foiled

  2. Channel 4's Sheldon Ingram Remembers Friend, Shooting Victim

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  4. ESPN's Erin Andrews Videotaped Naked In Hotel Room

  5. Busby On Conducting Mormon Tabernacle Choir

  6. Busby & Mormon Tabernacle Choir

  7. Tornado hits news crew

  8. Tornado Hits; Photographer, Reporter Head For Ditch

  9. KMBC Crew Recalls Close Call With Twister

  10. Last Broadcast: KMBC Anchors Honor Len Dawson

  11. Last Day: Len Dawson Gives Goodbye Speech

  12. Anchor Faces Fear Of Heights By Skydiving

  13. Len Dawson Assumes New Role At KMBC

  14. What Is Twitter?

  15. 'Ugly' Cat Proves Looks Don't Matter

  16. Cycling Legend Rails Against British Reporter

  17. Tornado Forms Live On-Air Near Edmond Middle School

  18. Local BBQers Show Off Bacon Explosion

  19. KC Bacon Explosion Creation Hot, Hot, Hot

  20. Flight 1549 Cockpit Audio

  21. Raw: Phelps Talks Pot Photo

  22. Horse Rescued from Frozen Pond

  23. Boy Who Lost Leg In Mowing Accident Recovers

  24. Jere Gish Says Goodbye To KMBC Viewers

  25. College Student Creates Pub Corn

  26. Photographer Proposes To Girlfriend On Air

  27. Secret Santa Tradition Continues In KC

  28. Couple Fights Insurance Over Cancer Treatment

  29. Catch Up With The Brooks' Quintuplets

  30. Erin Brockovich Talks About Cameron Tumors

  31. Follow The Can

  32. Sight Gag Surprises Anchors

  33. Ghost Stories: John B. Wornall House

  34. Mysterious Light Disappears From Gym Cam

  35. Is Light Caught On Camera A Ghost?

  36. Exclusive: Extended Video Of Freeport Road Collapse

  37. Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

  38. Pigs on the Interstate

  39. Palin Babysitter Talks About Family

  40. Dog Saves Woman's Life

  41. KMBC Anchors Hit 40-Year Milestone

  42. Democratic Convention Wrap-up

  43. RAW VIDEO: Explosion Sends Mushroom Cloud Into Sky

  44. 25 Years Of Kris Ketz On KMBC

  45. KMBC's 1984 "Breakfast" Promo

  46. "Whizzo The Clown" Reunion

  47. Snake Slithers Into Reporters Pants On Live TV

  48. Gangs Become Tech-Savvy Using MySpace

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  50. State Silences Young Guitarist

  51. Lee's Summit West Football Team Ready For New Season

  52. Kansas Woman Gets 60-Year-Old Letter In Mail

  53. KMBC Says Goodbye To Pete Grigsby

  54. Where Have All The Bees Gone?

  55. Dealer Offers Free Gun With Car Purchase

  56. Body Vandals Strike In St. Joseph

  57. Pill Camera Could Diagnose Cancer

  58. Family Celebrates 4 Graduations In 4 Days

  59. Irena Sendler - Life In A Jar

  60. Ways To Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

  61. Where Can You Find Cheap Food?

  62. Golf Pro Gets Second Chance In Life

  63. Shooting Victim Donates Kidney To Grandma

  64. Gas Station Clerk Fired After Being Robbed

  65. Crowd Welcomes Home 'American Idol' Contestant

  66. 7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride

  67. Tony Temple Ready For Life In NFL

  68. Principal Takes Trashy Message To YouTube

  69. 'Lucky' Bill Helps Police Catch Robber

  70. Gosling Rescued From Manhole

  71. [Private Video]

  72. KU Celebrates National Championship

  73. Mouse Stops Jet Airliner!

  74. St. Patrick's Day Parade Soggy One For Kansas City

  75. Sheriff: Woman Sat On Toilet For 2 Years

  76. Private Photos Of Truman Home Unveiled

  77. Beeper Easter Egg Hunt Held For Visually Impaired

  78. Johnny Rowlands Shows Off His Dance Moves

  79. Endeavour Lifts Off From KSC

  80. Raw: Semi Loses Tire

  81. KMBC 9 FirstNews on KCWE

  82. Little Person - Big Baby!!!

  83. [Private Video]

  84. Do Virtual Map Programs Invade Privacy?

  85. Electric Car Zips Into Missouri

  86. Watch Cars Slide From Roads

  87. New Clues Found In Lexington Grave Mystery

  88. KMBC Investigates Minuteman Group

  89. Family: Ransomed Motorcycle Found Stripped

  90. Couple Escapes When Car Slides Under Semi

  91. [Private Video]

  92. Catholic School Removes Female Referee

  93. Misdiagnosis Sends Woman to Mental Institution

  94. Owner: Phone-Sex Business Will Surprise You

  95. [Private Video]

  96. Ripon Cheerleaders Suspended For Showing Bloomers

  97. [Private Video]

  98. [Private Video]

  99. Surveillance Video Shows Inmate Getting Thrown Off Balcony

  100. [Private Video]

  101. Air Show Crash in Dayton, Ohio

  102. [Private Video]

  103. Plane Crashes At Air Show

  104. Loved Ones Welcome Home Soldiers From Iraq

  105. Basketball Player Wins Despite Missing Fingers

  106. 7-Year-Old Girl Fights Against Cancer

  107. Monster Truck Show Roars Into Sprint Center

  108. Smart Fortwo Car Rolls Into KC

  109. Dog Missing For Months Reunites With Family

  110. Incredible Video :Man Almost Burned Alive In Car

  111. Pickup Crashes, Dangles Off Bridge

  112. Local Woman Pays It Forward With Coffee

  113. Women Dressed As Ninjas Rob Gas Station With Sword

  114. [Private Video]

  115. [Private Video]

  116. To Mormons, Jackson County Is Sacred

  117. [Private Video]

  118. Hunter Spots Bigfoot In Pennsylvania Woods

  119. Police: Man Robbed Bank Disguised As Tree

  120. [Private Video]

  121. 102-Year-Old Granny Gets Jury Duty

  122. Customers Upset Over Cash Ban On iPhones

  123. Raw Interview Of Blogger Who Got 300-Page iPhone Bill

  124. Raw Video: Too Old? 'You Little Jerk,' McCain Laughs

  125. [Private Video]

  126. [Private Video]

  127. Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Upset

  128. Norwood Middle School Fight Posted on You Tube

  129. Harlem Globetrotter Shows Off For "FirstNews"

  130. Did You Know There Is Oil Drilling In Kansas City Metro?

  131. Dog Owner Claims Couple Attacked Animal

  132. Quadriplegic's Van Stolen, Sold For Scrap

  133. Leawood Dog Wins National Competition

  134. Hannah Montana Fans Flock To Downtown KC

  135. Hannah Montana Fans Rave About Concert

  136. Click on JL: Convert Analog Cassettes

  137. 'Border War' Shirts Pop Up Before Big Game

  138. Officers Rescue Entangled Buck

  139. The Man Who Prevented World War III

  140. [Private Video]

  141. Deer Jumps Over Deputy's Squad Car

  142. KC Man Accused Of Toad Licking

  143. Amazing Rescue During Big Sur Wildfire

  144. Deer Jumps Into Zoo Exhibit, Wrestles With Polar Bears

  145. New School Trains Teen Drivers

  146. Therapy Duck Makes House Calls

  147. How Decaf Is Decaf?

  148. 'Most Violent Video Game Ever' Released On Halloween

  149. WDSU's Hurricane Katrina Coverage

  150. Kecksburg UFO Mystery

  151. Zap! Lightning Blows Hole In Truck

  152. Raw Tape Incredible Chemical Fire

  153. Train Hits Car, Moments After Driver Gets Out

  154. Hall Of Fame Honors Buck O'Neil

  155. Do Deer Whistles Work?

  156. Murder Squad

  157. If These Walls Could Talk

  158. Old Tree Falls, Destroys Merriam House