Pokémon Emerald - Episode 56





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Published on Mar 15, 2012

We take on the Elite Two!

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Takae Suwara
PANDORA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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+Levi Ackerman There is miltank and Tauros, who are both female and male respectively
Levi Hackerman
+Alyx Brewster Don't forget the red eyes.
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Yasin Ali
Cacturne knows surf, mind blown lol
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S Plo 😂😂😂😂😂
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Timothy Ng
They see Pandora sweepin, they hatin
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Kat Akimoto
It's because I have a tentacreuel and so I know
Kat Akimoto
Acooltent/ tentacreuel that pokèmon can learn hydro pump at level 54 or 55 one of those.
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You ABSOLutly wrecked them
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absol is my main girl she the reason i got into competitive pokemon
why thank you i try
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Haakon The Rayquaza
Emile is right, Pandora is a great member of the team.
Mason Miller
+Haakon The Rayquaza It convinced me to try using one myself, it is now one of my favorite pokemon
I've used an Absol on my team in X, and I love him.
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Fara Fellow
+Blaze Forcier Anything levels up quickly in X and Y.
Tempest Demon Arashi
+John Smith I was saying in story. Yes mega absol is better competively,but causually Super Luck absol utterly wreaks anything that comes into contact with it.  
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Why use absol to avoid the trick master runs? Because if you don't like them and had to sit through them, it would be a real DISASTER!
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Kat Akimoto
Analogy wasted though
Kat Akimoto
Zeromus I see the DISASTER joke you made caz if you didn't make that joke it would have been DISASTER hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
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Sometimes I forget how young these videos are, and how old certain games are.
0:47 Just imagining Chuggaa's rage
Nobody can hate Absol D: 
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Jeg elsker chicks with dicks
i had a pokemon hack called Pokemon Perla for Gameboy Advance where in the first town i could encounter charizard and deoxys and squrtile and many more, and i found a black charizard lvl 3, but only had like 5 or less pokeballs so i didn't get it
Zachary Perea
+TheBrokenMC Ouch... that sucks. My first shiny was a Charmander from Heartgold. And I gotta say shiny charizard looks bitchin'. It's black with the inner wings being blood red. I still use it in pokemon Y. I don't give a fuck that Mega Charizard Y is destroyed by Stealth Rock... the only downside is it has rather shitty IV's :/
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