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Your Cute, a jemi Story 23





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Uploaded on Oct 28, 2011

With Guys

Joe- (leaning back in his chair) Paris, I can't wait!
Nick- neither can I! but we have to be careful their (sighs)
Kevin- Oh look the downer is back (laughs)
Joe- (laughs but get serious) What do you mean?
Nick- Guys our girls, city of love, hot men
Kevin- I never knew you could be so gay
Nick- Shut up!
Joe- Wait Kev, he has a point, the men there are snobby, they might actually try to steal our girls
Kevin- (thinks for a sec) I told Ashley I love her, theres no way I'm losing her
Nick- Congrats man! (Man hugs him)
Joe- (pats him on the back) (mumbles under his breath) I guess its my turn (looks at Demi, whos laughing with Sel and Ash)
Nick- (heard him) YOUR IN LOVE WITH D- (interrupted)
Joe- DOMINOS! GOTTA LOVE THAT PIZZA (death glares at Nick)(looks at Demi whos looking at him, he smiles at her, she smiles back)

Plane is an hour away from landing (Everyone on opposite sides Window Selena, Nick Middle Kevin Ashley, By the isle Joe and Demi
The planes lights are off, and everyone except Jemi are sleeping,
Demi- (sighs) (Looks to the side and sees Joe wide awake watching a movie) (giggles and taps him on the shoulder)
Joe jumps and looks at demi- oh hey dems
Demi- I'm bored!!!!
Joe- Well wanna watch a movie with me
Demi- I would but I can't get up (points at Ashley whos resting her head on Demi's lap_
Joe- (laughs)
Demi- Joe, can I ask you something?
Joe- Anything boo
Demi- (giggles) Do you love?
Joe-.....Yea, I do
Demi- (smiles and looks down)
Joe- Don't you have anything to say to me?
Demi- (blushes and surprise kisses him)
Joe- (surprised but kisses back)
Demi- (pulls away) I love you too boo (giggles
Joe- (grins)
Selena/Nick- About time you two told each other that
Kevin/Ashley- SHUT UP!
Demi- (laughs)
Joe- haha, thats what you two spies get.... wow I love this plane
Demi- (raises an eyebrow)
Joe- Its where we told each other we loved each other
Demi- If I could hug you I would (laughs)
Joe- When we get off the plane love, now go to bed, I don't want you to be tired when we get to (says the next part in a girly voice) the city of lovee!!
Demi- (giggles and smacks him playfully) (then shes closes her eyes and falls asleep)

I can't tell you where they are haha :)

Demi- (wakes up to find herself in a beautiful room, gold curtains, two big windows facing to a Paris view at night, and very big bed with gold and light gold covers/pillows with some pattern design in dark brown. The carpet it light brown, but sparkles a bit, and the ceiling has painting of the gods in all sorts of colors) (She looks around the room and doesn't see anyone) (She walks to the big door and opens it to find everyone laughing and eating some sort of food)
???- (sneaks up behind her, covers her mouth, then carries her outside the room)
Demi- MMMMmmmmMMMM (Trying to say something)
???- Shhh Dems!
Demi- Moe??? (Tring to say Joe)
Joe- (takes his hand off her mouth) Shh follow (smiles)
Demi- (sighs) (goes after Joe) Where are we going
Joe- Outside (leads her to the roof of the hotel)
Demi- WoW (looks at the view)
Joe- (pulls her by the waist so she was their bodies were touching) Demi Lovato, I Love You.... No I don't
Demi- (frowns and starts tearing up)
Joe- I love you more than the word "Love" You're my life, my everything
Demi- (starts tearing up again but with happy tears) I Love You Joe Jonas! You are my everything as well
Joe- (does his heart melting smile and kisses her)
Demi- (kisses back deepening it)

A month later (sorry for skipping ahead)

Joe and Demi walking hand in hand in underneath the Eiffel Tower
Demi- Isn't life perfect?
Joe- Only when your in it (pecks her)
Demi- (giggles)
They walk further
Demi- (stops) OMG!
Joe- What babe?
Demi- Tomorrows Fourth of July!!
Joe- (thinks for a minute) It is isn't it?
Demi- We need to celebrate!
Joe- I would agree if we were in the U.S.
Demi- Oh come on Joeyy!!!
Joe- (sighs) Fine if you get up on that stage and sing, in front of everyone! (points at the empty stage behind them)
Demi- (thinks about it) Fine
Joe- (surprised she said that) Then go
Demi- Now?!
Joe- Yea now
Demi- Your a pain n my ass you know that (goes on stage) (really nervous) (everyone stops and looks at her) Umm... Hey everyone, how you liking Paris?
Everyone- WOO HOOOO!!
Demi- (laughs a bit) Well, how many of you guys are from the U.S.
Everyone- (even louder than last time) WOOOOOO HOOOO!!
Demi- (laughs more) Well then you must now that tomorrow is the Fourth of July, my boyfriend over there says he won't celebrate it unless I come on the stage and sing, so here I go. (smiles nervously and plugs in her ipod to a speaker then music starts playing) Whos That Boy? Demi Lovato Ft. Dev


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