Swear It Hurts; Ch. 20 a jemi rated r story





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Published on Aug 31, 2011

"Whatever. Nothing but friends."
"Lovers!" Nick sang, I glared, punching his arm. "Be happy that I like you."
"What!" Joe said angrily, I turned to him and laughed, "Not like that!"
"What if it was?" Nick mused, as Joe's hand circled my waist, Delta bit her lip from bursting in laughter. Joe muttered things under his breath. I rolled my eyes.
"So were are you all going?" The girls and me questioned the boys who were standing in front of the living room mirrors as we grabbed our purses, ready to hit the mall, for some quality friend-bonding. These weeks with the girls had been amazing, I had become attached, trust worthy of them, and they the same of me. I was close enough to telling them my story. Very close.

"We have a radio interview," Kevin said as Danielle ran her hands through his curly brown hair, kissing each other passionately, but ending it as they heard someone clear there throat. Frankie, making gagging sounds, as I joined him we high-fived one another.

"Were are you ladies off to?" Nick questioned, as he rested his chin on Delta's shoulder, she smiled up at him, there noses slightly nuzzling they were so cute, but not as adorable as Danielle and Kevin, but even they were far from Mama and Papa Jonas, they were always loving, and respectful.

"The mall," I said , Frankie groaned, "Can I come? I really don't want to be with these guys!" he said gruffly, I nodded while ruffling his hair, he smiled big and turned to his parents who nodded, I turned to the left and knew was nearby , somehow it was as if my body was instantly alert, the way my heartbeat fumbled when he spoke, "By something nice," he whispered for only me to hear, everyone was minding there own business, I turned to him and smiled, his eyes gleamed, "Maybe," he bent down and kissed my forehead, these simple gestures were heartwarming... nice.

"Be ready by 7," he mumbled against my forehead, I gave him a scrunched nose, as he knew I was confused, he flicked my nose, "Have fun."

"Frankie , don't be a drag to the girls, be good and have fun," Denise said, hugging us all , we nodded and made our way into the big, black escalade, that had two men in front. The 'security', were nice and entertaining, but my very favorite guy was Big R. He didn't mind getting up early to keep my company at times. Those nights when I would sleep on my own, at least that's what everyone but Joe knew I was doing.

"Forever 21!" I chirped before anyone could call any other store, they nodded and I felt at home. The different clothing racks, and manikins, I stood next to them and made a pose, Frankie burst out laughing and did the same, when we went to the guy section, Delta and Danielle burst out in gasping laughter when I made Frankie put on some Boa's and a tutu with me. He didn't mind, "If shopping with my brothers was like this I wouldn't mind," he groaned at the pure thought.

After buying some shoulder length blouses and gladiators, we were caught in a place where Frankie wouldn't really want to enter, I bit my lip and turned to delta, "I'll go with Frankie to game stop while you and Danielle enter the sin-city," she smirked at me I nodded, thanking Delta, she dusted off the thank you's.

"So Danny, what type of girl are you?" I questioned as she laughed, blushing at the questioned, my hands dove into the containers of lacey thongs, "Are you a lacey? Or stringy? Or perhaps a satin?" She tried to avoid answering but pointed to the stringy I gawked at her, wow.

"You and Kevin get down and dirty dontcha? How is it that your not-- you know."
"Not the right time," she frowned, whispering softly, I went up to her and gave her a squeeze embrace, "Don't let there fans get to you, you and Kevin deserve to fulfill your happiness."
"But Nick-- Papa J--," she started I gave her a look, "There not the ones who are going to hold a child, in nine months talk to Kevin, tell him how YOU feel," I said emphasizing the 'you', she nodded and turned to me as I walked away and went to the baby dolls, white.. Red.. Black.. Or transparent white? Or blood wine lace?
"Go for the blood wine, you'll look hot," Danielle said, as I turned and blushed, "Your boy will die," she said I chocked, "W-what?"
"Demi, I'm not stupid, I know about you and Garbo." WHAT! G-garbo? I didn't answer and took the baby doll, "Anything else?" I asked her she shook her head, I grabbed another baby doll, a black laced, it was probably better suited for.. Delta.
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