The Grand Canyon: Evidence for the Flood





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Uploaded on Nov 30, 2008

LoricaLady has replied to a comment on The Grand Canyon: Evidence for the Flood: I ask you again, answer those Qs I left for you. Why are you dodging them? Well, obviously because you have no answers that fit evolutionary theory. I have responded to quite a few of your "points". Show me the courtesy of answering my Qs. After all, you are so sure, your....faith...is so strong in evolution, surely you want to prove it's truth and stop being evasive? If you don't answer the Qs (and you never will) you'll go on ignore. Cop outs are tiresome.

Craig Barrett has replied to a comment on The Grand Canyon: Evidence for the Flood: Atheism has always been a religion. You do not need a god to have a religion. Secular Humanism is a religion, so says the Supreme Court of the United States. Secular Humanism is atheism. Atheism and evolution were the basis of communism. Lenin, Stalin, Moa,Pol Pot, et.al. murdered over 120,000,000 million people. They were atheists. You have a worldview-- everyone does. No one has an absence of belief. Everyone believes in something. You have God's judgement and justice to look forward to
Craig Barrett has replied to a comment on The Grand Canyon: Evidence for the Flood: Just tell me how the first cell was formed and how it began to replicate itself? Also tell me how the first DNA molecule was formed and where did the information come from that is in the DNA molecule? Where did energy come from and how long has it existed? If the big bang is true, what caused the explosion? Is energy and matter eternal? The first and second laws of thermodynamics says that energy had to have had a beginning. Where did energy come from?

New Scientific Evidence for the Flood
Genesis 7:20
The waters prevailed fifteen cubits upward, and the mountains were covered.

If there was a great world wide Flood, as described in Genesis, such a catastrophe certainly should have left obvious evidence of itself all over the world. Scientists who believe in creation say that we are surrounded by these evidences. Many of them also believe that some of the features associated with glaciers can be better explained by a catastrophic flood. While evolutionary scientists scoff at the biblical account of the Flood, they continue to run across evidences of what they take to be huge floods. Now further evidence has been reported of a continental flood.

The September 1989, issue of Geology, a scientific professional journal, carried an article about drumlins in northern Saskatchewan. Drumlins are hills that are traditionally associated with glacial activity. When viewed from the air, they resemble eggs lying on their sides, all pointing in the same direction.

Over the last few years some scientists have proposed that drumlins were formed by large quantities of water running in the same direction. The article in Geology offers yet more evidence for large quantities of water moving over the continental land surfaces. One of the scientists remarked that, "There's nothing in recorded history that matches the size of these floods."

If we consider Genesis to be recorded history, rather than ancient and ignorant myth, there certainly is an historical record of a huge Flood!


Prayer: Dear Lord, in our age of unbelief, so many don't even feel they need to apologize for rejecting Your Word as ancient myths. Help me, along with all of Your people, to be bright, shining lights for Your truth in this dark world. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

References: R. Monastersky, Hills point to catastrophic Ice Age floods, Science News, September 30, 1989, p. 213.

Discover what killed 1 to 10 billion nautiloids at one time. Garner has a BSc in geology and biology and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London. He works full-time as a speaker and researcher with Biblical Creation Ministries. He is also a Committee Member of the Biblical Creation Society, co-editor of the BCS journal, Origins, and is on the Board of Genesis Agendum. Paul Garner is a Fellow of the Geological Society, he takes us on an in depth tour of the Grand Canyon. Paul does not think the canyon was formed by gradual erosion from the Colorado River. The fossil record of early tetrapods: evidence of a major evolutionary transition? - http://www.answersingenesis.org/tj/v1... Edinburgh Creation Group is an active forum where scientifically minded people meet to discuss evidence supporting the biblical account of creation. http://edinburghcreationgroup.org

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