Laughing While I Sing~Chapter Ten





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Published on Aug 21, 2009

**Lizzie's POV**

Jessica ran me two blocks across busy streets and traffic to a little beauty shop I had no idea existed. Jessica walked straight in like she owned the place, towing me behind her.

"Hello Jessica," a lady behind the counter called, waving.

Jessica waved back, "Hey April."

"What can I help you with today, Jessica?" she asked, stepping out from behind the counter.

"Well my friend here," she pulled me in front of her, "has her very first date in forever in three hours. And obviously," she held up my hand, "she needs help."

"Gee thanks, " I muttered.

"Oh wow," April breathed, seeing my nails. "Come with me honey. We'll fix that. What color?"

"Oh don't ask her that. Just do a clear coat with blue tips, and go as fast as you can; THAT'S what she's planning on wearing tonight." Jess looked at me, "I'm going to go and get you a decent outfit so be good and do what April tells you." she ordered, I nodded. What choice did I have?

"Oh and PLEASE do something with her hair!" Jessica called, slipping out the door.

I groaned. Why did I have to be so clueless about the girl stuff?

April was very nice. She talked to me about her first date as she painted my fingernails and told me that not all first dates ended as magically as they did in movies. She reminded me not to get my hopes up about a kiss, because the boy would probably be too nervous to make that move on the first night, and usually when I boy moved that fast it was a bad sign.

I held on to each word she said, nodding furiously. I needed as much boy advice as I could get.

I soon found myself telling April about how much I really liked Joe; describing the way his smile was permanately imprinted in my brain, how I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when he spoke to me, and how when he looked at me, my heart nearly exploded.
"....and when I'm around him," I sighed, telling April about how he made me feel, "I just feel like I'm going to vomit or pass out or die."

April giggled, "That's called love sweety. Now come stick your nails under here so they can dry."
I did as she told me while she picked at my hair.
"Nailpolish," I explained.
"I see," April chuckled, "Don't touch anything, but I want you to come sit in this chair." April took me to a different section of the parlor and sat me down in a comfy chair in front of a big mirror.

I stared at my fingers in awe as April professionally pulled, twisted and clipped my hair. She was incredable.

"I'm not going out like this, am I?" I asked, staring at my reflection, completely horrified. The whole bottom half of my head was in braids, the rest was piled on top of my head, held there with a brown clip.
"No silly. I'm just getting this hair out of the way for now," April explained, tapping the clip, "and the braids are to give your hair a little wave."
"Oh." I mumbled dumbly.
April took the brown clip out of my hair and set it on the counter in front of me. She brushed the hair back into a half pony-tail and held onto it as she rumaged through one of the drawers.
"Aha! I don't know what kind of outfit Jessica is planning for you, but this'll go with just about anything." she pulled out a white sparkly butterfly clip and placed it delicately in my hair. "Now for the braids," April muttered as she pulled out the hair-ties and combed through the braids with her fingers. "There. Perfect." she stated proudly.
"Wow." I mouthed.

The bell above the door chimed and I looked over to see Jessica, panting and carrying a giant shopping bag.
"Come on Liz, we gotta go!" she shouted frantically. I hopped out of the seat and skipped to her side.
"Jess, look at me!" I squealed excitedly, spinning around so she could see the back of my head.
"Yeah yeah. You look awesome. You rock April!" she called.
"Thanks," April laughed, walking over to where we were standing.
"How much do I owe you?" I asked her.
"No charge," she winked, "Just have a good time tonight"
I smiled, "I will," I promised as Jessie tugged impatiently on my arm.

We ran home, raced upstairs and went into my room. She closed the door quickly and held up the bag.

"Ready to see your outfit?"


Ok if you're still confused, Lizzie lives with Jessica ok? I'm not telling you why because you'll find that out later. Comment please! It will make my heart die of happiness!!!!!!!


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