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Published on Apr 1, 2012

WAD Title: Sadhus Chauffeur Trio
Filename: sadhusct.wad and sadhusct.deh
Level(s): MAP01-11, MAP16
Year: 2004
URL: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=...

Demo Category: UV run (just exit each level; "Ultra-Violence" skill)
Levels: MAP01-11
Time: 1:42
Player: Eric "The Green Herring" Baker
Recorded With: PrBoom+
Recorded On: March 31, 2012
Video Recorded With: PrBoom+

Demo Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6650582/SHCT-...

This is a multi-level joke WAD from someone calling himself "BLAKE STONER." It's a rather appropriate name, as this WAD appears to be the product of a Nintendo nerd and Doom fan smoking copious amounts of Mary Jane. Every surface is covered in either sprite work clipped from a Nintendo game screenshot, random artwork, or a Hall of Mirrors effect. Every sprite in the game is swiped from another Doom WAD, with the possible exceptions of flying Super Mario Bros. goombas and stills from a video of some swimsuit models. Your new weapons include a recolored Sapphire Wand, and a solid, black MS Paint box. And every level is a scribble with just a few sectors in it.

None of that, however, beats the included DeHackEd patch. Load it up, and enemies will be flying all over the place, the imps will shoot the slowest rockets ever, your BFG will fire super-fast, and one of the enemies will shuffle in place. If you're playing it in ZDoom, you won't even be able to move! All in all, this WAD is totally insane.

It's also designed in such a way that a few of the levels are impossible to max, or even beat from a pistol start without metric tons of luck, which is why I opted to record a full speed run through the WAD's eleven levels. Technically, there's a twelfth level, MAP16, but apart from being placed so far away from MAP11, it's impossible to beat due to a big group of arch-viles who will kill you seconds after the level starts. Therefore, I did not record a demo on it. I would love to have played this in Boom or even doom2.exe, too, but I get a "Segmentation Violation" in Boom unless I turn the sound off, and I didn't get far in doom2.exe before the game crashed with a sound-related error. As I want the full Sadhus experience, I chose to record with PrBoom-plus. Without further ado, here are my comments, with names provided by the text file that may not actually match up with each level in the order they're presented. (Who cares?)

MAP01: Machine Grid 1 -
Nothing special here; just run through the level. If you get hurt, don't worry; you can get healed up on the next level, anyway.

MAP02: 4D Vatican -
See what I mean? You get not only a berserk pack at the start, but megaarmor, too! The level itself, though, must be played pacifist-style; otherwise, you can take a lot of damage at the end of the level from the exploding monsters, and you'll need all the health you can get for MAP04. You'll need to lead the tree monsters out of the way, which requires a bit of luck not to have a straggler block your way in, and from there, it's still just more running.

MAP03: Temple of Despair -
As you may have noticed earlier on, the zombiemen turn into exploding barrels when they die. The consequences are never more apparent on this level, where a single dead zombieman can cause all 882 of his friends to die with him! I speed up the process with my super shotgun, and then I just speed along to the exit while invincible.

MAP04: Tunnel of Powers -
If you didn't save up on health prior to this level... well, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Bullets will be flying everywhere, but if you've got full health and megaarmor, you should be able to make it through.

MAP05: Pewter Missile Silo -
Just run for the exit. Next?

MAP06: The Badge -
Slip around the barrels and then run for the exit. Next?

MAP07: Machine Grid 2 -
This is where you get the MS Paint box BFG, and where you can use it on a group of arch-viles! Since this is a UV speed run, though, I just barrel past them to the exit.

MAP08: Sewer Forest -
It's an oversized corridor where you run past a faraway group of monsters to reach the exit, though at least you get a megasphere to start things off even if you don't need it. There's also a secret exit here, but since there are no secret levels in this WAD, and this is a UV speed run, I leave it alone.

MAP09: Dragon Blues -
Now you get to use the BFG for its intended purpose! Blast through the guardians with it and you're on your way!

MAP10: Prepare for War -
It's a "stock up before the boss fight" level much like the penultimate level of Ultimate Battles, a Doom episode I recorded on for April Fools' Day 2009. Just run to the exit.

MAP11: Untitled -
The WAD ends, fittingly enough, in a giant Hall of Mirrors Effect void, a field full of dueling monsters your only company. Thankfully, the exit is marked, and you can just slip through the monsters to the exit.

Happy April Fools'! ;)


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