Amazing Excavator on a steep slope





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Published on Dec 6, 2011

Excavator descending a steep slope

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Eirik prikken
Nothing of these "amazing" excavator videos are amazing, everyone can do it..
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Alexander Källberg
+wspycher100 Only a tool would think that grammarskills would be required to operate/drive an excavator.
Eirik prikken
Nash Brownsey take it easy ^^
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Not that difficult as long as the engine still has oil pressure - however, he should have had the idlers uphill and the drive wheels downhill so the vehicle's weight locks the track in the teeth rather than, as can happen, have the vehicle's weight compressing the idlers and possibly allowing the tracks to jump the teeth - effectively a runaway.
+GordonWG1 Your right ! But most operators will fill their pants doing this, Try on solid and almost smooth rock going up at almost 45 degree incline hanging onto very small out cropping's of 3 to 4 inches, and remove 10 ton boulders sitting 100 feet on the incline above the road as has been done, then you are catching up to me !
Ishy k Karolia
Emma Granier
Thumbs up to the Operator !  The front bucket did NOT touch the ground during that maneuver !  The Man knows his machine !
Harold The Almighty
+Meshqis That was nowhere near a accident, that was easely controlled. I've done shit like this myself, that guy did probably not even flinch. 
Open your eyes!!! on 0.46 it was near REAL accident. I think operators pants was full. With ~35tonnes they all are masters. Do it with 2x weight. Then i will shake operators hand.
Janice Tobin
all the guys leaving comments talking like they are operators i don't think sitting in your moms basement watching videos of operators working count as you being an operator
shane shane
Hahaha well said. You got that right it takes a compitent operator to do this easy to screw up when the weight comes on the wrong spot at the top and your tracks spin and dig in. That was well done and not easy for just anyone. Get back on your mums tit all you haters. Oh wait you cant cause she is at my house.
Kyle Betland
Lol we all do that daily
Tracey Morlan
Unwilling Participant
People kill me in the comments...He did just fine and yes to someone that ain't around Hoes daily, I'm sure it seems amazing...i do know that hills are usually a hell of a lot steeper than they look on video..it's a 2.5:1 slope or a little more..
Raca Inch
I can do that. Hold my beer.
christian rivas
😅 😂👍👍
This kind of move is not hard. It just separates lever pullers from operators.
Brady Stanga
Jus bought mini komatsu excavator, it will take me a little to learn but I'll get it
Eric Stone
Ha that was pretty average until he hit either the slop or the pole with the counterweight... Then it became amazing that such a hack would leak this video out to the public... Been doing this ish for 18 years that's not amazing that's how they're meant to be run...
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