Obama predicted to win Re-Election!





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Published on May 16, 2012

The Obama assassination story starts at 08:15 if that is helpful to you. Thanks for watching. Subscribe NOW!

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More than 60 nuclear experts at work building Iranian nuclear bomb

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Grace P
We're all looking forward to the celebration.
Are you aware of Israel's300 nuclear warheads. You think 1 in Iran is for a first strike? The whole middle east is afraid of Israel and Iran is building1 for self defense. Funny Iran welcomes UN nuclear oversight but until this day Israel refuses to let anyone see their operations. Food for thought.
A child could have predicted an Obama reelection. Romney sucked and didn't have a chance.
Tyler Fournier
Then they go on to say "We'll shoot you if yo don't abide by our terms." So, you think about it, and then you come up with the idea to buy your own gun so you can give yourself one more option, and then they say hey "you're not allowed to have a gun, only we can have guns." Now, I know that is a kind of bad analogy, but it's what I came up with on the fly, so cut me some slack (besides, you get the point... I HOPE)... CONTINUED
Tyler Fournier
Picture this, you're minding your own business, trying to be the best you can be, enjoying your God given gifts (we'll call those gifts, for the sake of argument, OIL, just to put it into perspective), and someone comes up to you and says "we want your oil, and we're not going to pay you what it's worth, because that doesn't work for US. Now, you can either take these iron copper pennies, or we can just man handle it away from you. Oh, and be thankful we're giving you CHOICES"... CONTINUED
Tyler Fournier
SOOOOO, back to the initial point, if you're still with me. Don't you think that with aggressive, sociopathic, morally bankrupt enemies consistenly trying to twist and contort the truth around them, and neighbors being invaded, attacked or overthrown directly next to them, wouldn't you in Iran's position probably try and level the playing field?... CONTINUED
Tyler Fournier
But that's not all. They also have an immense nuclear arsenal, and refuse to let it be inspected by the international community. They are continuing to encroach on land that has long since been recognized as palestinian territory, to the point that just recently, Palestine has been awarded the opportunity to sue Israel(as if that will do any good, but the point remains that it's been acknowledged)... CONTINUED
Tyler Fournier
And finally it was quietly understood, though not stated by those BIG OIL guys in charge, that it was for control of the oil. Now, are biggest Ally over there, Israel, who is also one of the largest lobbyist groups in washington, who is committing war crimes against palestine as I type this, and continuing while you respond, has the second largest air force in the world, and inhabits one of the tiniest strips of land on the planet... CONTINUED
Tyler Fournier
We invaded a country that had been minding it's own business, at least in regards to the United States. We went under the guise of them first having something to do with 911(completely false), then said it was because of weapons of mass destruction(completely false), then it was because of the crimes against humanity by Saddam(true that he did it, but not the reason), then it was because of his ties to Al Quaida(who we're no bankrolling in Syria)... CONTINUED
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