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Published on Aug 9, 2012

What can be said about the Sebenza that hasn't been said. THIS! Welcome to the feature length Nutnfancy KRV on what many consider to be the best tactical folder of all time (marketed officially as EDC knife). Many original aspects weigh into my discussion perhaps providing some fascinating insight to the long term success of the Chris Reeve Sebenza. But don't expect fan boy treatment here; I'm more open minded than that and my breadth of tactical blade experience makes me a hard one to impress. Instead you will get both the philosophical and full TNP knife review experience here on the Sebenza. To understand its draw and attraction to buyers willing to pay the astronomical $410 price you will have to understand the expert marketing and brand management of Chris Reeve. Its price alone sends a message of specialness that many embrace willingly. That's not to say this Sebenza is not a squared away EDC or Tactical blade; it is. Details are shown and discussed and the quality proves itself. From the titanium handle slabs, the beautifully executed S35VN drop point, the reasonable 4.8 oz carry weight, and durability of this US produced knife, the Sebenza earns its keep in any reasonable POU. However the price stands glaring to anyone familiar with the outstanding competition within the tactical knife world and it must addressed. This has always made the Sebenza polarizing; some will hate it (based on pricing) others will defend it to the death. Interestingly then I introduce two new POUs to include Douche OR Admiration knife and discuss them, bringing high levels of entertainment to the video. Finally competitive options are shown and I represent the Sebenza dissenters with equal fairness as they rightly question the value of this blade. In the end, the Sebenza stands and delivers solid design elements, quality craftsmanship, superb materials, good looks, light weight, and a skillful and consistent brand management by CRK. But I can't and won't warm up to the value represented in this knife with the amazing competition given in the knife world. ////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale for Sebenza 21: 5 of 10 (price considered); if $175: 8.5 out of 10 (deductions for thumbstud, deployment speed, and no steel insert on lockbar)/////////"Hey Nutnfancy this isn't a tactical blade!" Yes it is. I don't go off the party line of the manufacturer and how he chooses to market his blade, in this case CRK. I make my own analysis using my long established criteria, clearly discussed here, founded in logic. If you choose to designate the Sebenza as SOLELY a utility or EDC knife then the value equation even gets worse for it. An EDC blade for $425!? This might be another perfect example of product myopia.

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Damn $410?!?!  I paid $350 for my first car back in 1993. For $410 Chris Reeve better give each and every customer a blowjob with each purchase. Seriously.
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Aaron Cabrera
+eon smith He's blocked now. Someone has to be the better person, and I knew it wasn't going to be him lol.
Ian Kelley
Oh my god, get a room
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joe blimpy
so you will all sped $1,000 for a firearm without hesitation . but a knife which is "smaller" or some logic like that is not worth the $400? Or how about that $300 watch on your wrist? or how about those $150 platic sunglasses with the name Oakley on your head? or how a bout the extra $3000 you sent to get the little extras on your car which propbably cost the maker about $50 to put in ? Yeah your all way too smart to fall for these overpriced knives as you would never ever fall for that crap right? self rightous blowhards .
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Ian Kelley
+joe blimpy amen
+joe blimpy thumbs up on that. spend on things you enjoy. and don't impose YOUR standard of whats worthy of spending money on onto other people. if 150 for sunglasses or 400 for a killer knife floats your boat then rock on. if not then who are you to piss on someone's parade who does enjoy it?
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He makes a few good points. I have a few Chris reeve knives among other brands. I don't think he actually used the knife in the video though. I think he bought it, opened it, examined it and then did a review. Here is why: 1) Anyone who has used a sebenza will tell you that once you start carrying it and using it, the sebenza develops small "snail tracks" all over the titanium. None of that was evident in his video. 2) If he were to put the knife in his pocket he would have realized the extra bend in the clip is secondary retention. The CRK clips has 2 points of retention. It is obvious to anyone the first time they put it in their pocket. He just dismissed it as purely cosmetic. Makes me think he didn't even put it into his pocket! 3) He said the pivot has dual sided screws and you just tighten them. If you take a sebenza apart you will find there is a male and female end to the pivot just like other knives. Also there is a bushing system that is self adjusting. He never mentioned that. Just my observations... 
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Fine, fine knife......
Yeah, he should've also tried to take apart the knife, he probably would've thought a lot better about the simplicity of it. And right after, he should show us the video of him trying to take apart and service the microtech knives he praises so well!
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uddo speck
right a sebenza is the best tactical knife ever. when you get in trouble with somebody, you pull out your sebenza and the guy will see..you better don't mess with me, i can afford a lawyer and a pussy knife and if you still try to mess with me, my wife will hit you with the loui vuitton handbag, i bought her.
+uddo upgrayedd HAHA! Oh, god that made me life.
I'd like to have a Sebenza but that was hilarious
I am not a Sebenza Fanboy - in fact, I've never even handled one. However, from what I understand, the tolerances, fit, and finish ARE far superior to the competition. The fact that the pivot screws are tightened down completely is evidence of that. In other knives, the pivot screws must be adjusted - too tight and the blade will stick, too loose and you will develop blade play. The bushings on the sebenza, as well as the flatness of the scales, thickness of the brass bushings, etc. are all precisely machined and then hand tuned to function perfectly when fully tightened. No need to worry about screws coming loose and adjustments changing. For the tolerances alone I can see the value in the knife. Do I want to pay $400 for one? No. But I just might...
+nutnfancy Thanks for the reply. I too love the PM2 - in fact, after trying around a dozen sub $200 knives, I finally settled on the PM2 as my primary EDC blade a little over a year ago now - and couldn't be happier. However, the PM2 isn't without it's problems. Mine came very gritty and stiff, after disassembling it I discovered that one of the brass bushings had been crushed by the pivot screw at the factory. Not a big deal, but a knife that mass produced is bound to experience some of these oversights. It is well made, but I do have to adjust the pivot screw, and I do have to adjust blade centering. And, over time, the pivot screw loosens up (even with blue loctite), and I am left with a knife that has blade play. Heck, even when the knife is perfectly adjusted to maximize smoothness in opening, there is some side to side play (albeit miniscule). The sebenza does not suffer from these failings due to attention to detail and close tolerances. You are correct, that anyone COULD manufacture a knife with these exacting tolerances, but the point is, that nobody else DOES. I have never encountered, nor have I ever heard of another knife that had such tight tolerances that the knife is simply screwed together tightly, and the blade deployment and blade play is perfect. Also, I believe they heat treat the lock face of the titanium frame lock, which should dramatically increase the life of the knife. Again, I don't own, nor have I ever handled a Sebenza. Do I think it is overpriced? Probably, but you aren't just paying for the name when you buy one.
+Subsonic1050 I've since stolen the sebenza from this vid (in fact it's in my pocket now, coincidentally) but I think you're putting screw alignment on a pedestal here- it's not the toughest thing on earth. Hell, I've yet to get a poorly aligned and tensioned chinese Spyderco, and if there's any blade that should have it I'd expect it on those. The Paramilitary 2 I got yesterday is perfect across the board, and I can get a couple for the price of a Sebenza. I don't get why people always try to talk up the Seb, it's a great knife! It uses some expensive materials and has good worksmanship, it's not a sin to call it what it pricey. Just like anything in a premium pricepoint it has (as well it should) good quality work and materials. Just like an Omega or Rolex though, I think you're paying a bit for the name, but more to support for a company that's paying health insurance and a living wage to someone stateside. Though I'm talking mostly about the basic, plain jane model, I think a good portion of the value goes into things that aren't exactly in the knife itself, and we've become spoiled by the pricing of import knives in general. With most of them we're buying the materials and brand, but little more. For American producers like this, you're paying honestly for the man hours, to compensate someone for spending a little bit of their life on this object so they can feed their kids. So yeah, there's quality in it, but it's not some dark magick super scientific tolerance stuff you're paying for, it's American quality.They don't have proprietary, miniscule tolerance that no one else on earth can meet, Thai factories can do it too. But uh, yeah. Rant over, man. -TD
Brandon Sellers
After watching a few of his (Nutnfancy) videos, I've come to realize just how subjective he really is (despite his attempts to tell us otherwise). This is in addition to the fact that he has used homophobic language in his videos showing his narrow-mindedness and stupidity. This boring review is essentially a 50 minute rant on why Chris Reeve knives are too expensive. This coming from a guy who reviews very expensive firearms all the time. If he had put his personal feelings aside, a different review would have ensued.
Trevor H
+Brandon Sellers No such thing as an objective review. If reviews were objective, you would only need one review to rule them all. The only time objectivity is in play, is when you are pointing out obvious flaws. Or discussing the size, weight, materials, ect. A "review" is a subjective opinion based on one's personal bias. This how you end of with thousands of reviews for a single product. This is why review aggregate websites exist. If objectivity is something you desire, you can just read over the specifications. Nutnfancy cannot tell you if you will like, or dislike a product. That is for you to decide. When it comes to price, it only matters what you are willing to pay. I would never spend thousands of dollars on rims for my vehicle, yet people do it all day. You disliked this review so much, but you watched the entire 49mins. Who's fault is that? Perhaps you should seek out only those who you are in 100% agreement with. That allow you to justify what you like and dislike. You are clearly upset, he dislikes something you do. You cannot review something without injecting personal bias. To believe otherwise, is ignorant and foolish.
Matthew Perry
I completely agree. If he is truly a knife guy. He wouldn't bag on a knife of this quality and caliber. Especially, when there are folding knives 5 times more expensive. The market drives the price in capitalist societies. If nobody wanted it. The knife would sell for much less.
Sloth Mc
I don't think I like this guy. Very conceited 
Vagabond 1983
"My logic is great!" HAHA this guy is full of himself.
John 89
You haven't seen enough of hids vids to make a fair judgment. I thought he was a stuck up fag the fist time I saw him, he's really an honest intelligent guy with good values who happens to be very entertaining to his half a million subscribers.
Lukedp 97
Shut up and start your review
Lmao read my mind
Matt Tripp
This idiot doesn't even use most of the knives he reviews and doesn't seem to know what the hell he is talking about half the time. His videos are half him tooting his own horn, a quarter rambling about something not related to the knife, and a quarter actually reviewing the knife. I swear, he is the most conceited person I've ever seen. 
Love the review!!!  You nailed it.
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