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Published on Jun 4, 2012

The newest trailer for Halo 4 is here straight from Microsoft's E3 Press Conference! Check it out then leave us a note telling us what you think!

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Jason Park
I really enjoy playing Halo 4. I don't understand all the hate.
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The Nameless King
Me too
Dakota Coleman
Previous Halo owners like me grown accustomed to the way halo was originally. No perks, no loadouts, no cod shit. Just good ole skill and hella fun maps and multiplayer.
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Emk Mage
The only thing I felt was missing in this game was Johnson and his humor. I think his death took away the light humor that Halo 1-3 had. It gave it the lighter moments in the darkest places.
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People just hate Halo 4 because people hate change. It's that simple. I could understand if it was HUGE change, but there was a few slight changes here and there and people hated the game. Completely ignoring all the things Halo 4 got right. 343 is a great company, but people hate it because it's not bungie. People hate loadouts because the past halos didnt have it, even though they added to the player customization of the game and made you feel like you were in control of how you wanted to play. People hate armor abilities and rag on Halo 4 for it even though Reach had them too. People just want to want to have something to hate and complain about, I don't know why but they do. Sadly it has to be Halo 4 (which IMO is one of Xbox 360's greatest games) Personally the only Halo I didnt like as much was Halo 3 ODST. I thought the campaign was solid and fresh, but the fact of no matchmaking just bugged me. But I'm not going to sit here and label it as a trash game because it did so many things right (for example it introduced Firefight, a masterpiece) Sorry for the rant but people just need to look past the little things they dont like Halo 4 and they'll realize it's an insane game. I bought Halo 4 the first week it came out and still play it regularly.
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This was my first halo, Xbox and m rated game so I react violently when somebody disses it. It's kinda like when someone talks shit about your parents
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Awesome Alan4ever
Don't know what people are thinking. Halo 4's  campaign was great. I mean if the covenant spent time looking for forunners, isn't it cool to meet them. And if 343 wanted it to become another call of duty game they would just say, "there was peace between the covenant and humans for awhile but now the covenant want to go back to war and master chief has to stop 'em The End"  
I want pictures of Spider-Man
Try reading the books, Then you can tell me what really happend and I can correct you on your mistakes.
I want pictures of Spider-Man
You really have no idea of whats actually going on do you?
jimmy perkins
looks like a giant shotgun coming out of the clouds 
J Studios
So many people complain about Halo:4, they say "It just didn't have that Halo feel"......Ugh. Halo 4's campaign was great but the multiplayer could have been better. But not ever Halo can have that "Halo Feel" to it or every halo would be the same! The covenant would threatened to fire the rings and than the UNSC would come up with some huge plan and end up destroying the Halo ring........ what I just said right there was pretty much Halo's 1, 2, and 3......... and if Halo 4 had that "Halo Feel" it probably end up being the same plot.
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+Thorus Zwolf i disagree,adding the arbiter made a far more interesting and less one sided than halo ce's rehashed marathon story,plus the elites had no mystery in halo ce ,though i can your complaints with elites speaking english it in no way impacted the imtimidation by very much but i wold say it did add bit more in a sense of speaking and how is making the didact an unmysterious character make him a bad villain when we know why he has those intensions angaist the humans
Trista  Frank
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Thorus Zwolf
I had such high hopes for this game, but it killed the series for me :(
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Rhas 'Churol
+Thorus Zwolf My point is that once I start something, I want to see it finished, even if I don't like where it's going. Because I made that commitment when I started the first one. The least I owe them is to finish what I started. Nonetheless, it would take nothing short of critical changes or blatant disregard for the lore/universe, for me to toss it. (At that point, if people still like it, good for them, I hope they enjoy it, but it simply won't be the thing for me anymore.) We'll talk specifically about shooter-based Halo games; because they have talked about other genres of Halo game that can't necessarily follow the same formula. There are three things I consider critical to the typical shooter-based Halo game: - Basic gameplay (including walking, jumping, primary/secondary weapons, grenades, boarding/hijacking, shields, etc)(Note I said 'basic', because that still gives room for them to layer stuff on top.) - The sandbox (including vehicles, weapons, enemies, etc.) - The lore/universe (This includes avoiding contradictions, as well as actually using the universe and adding to the lore with each new addition.)
Thorus Zwolf
+Rhas 'Churol wow! ....i've never heard anyone say they owed a gaming franchise their continued loyalty just because they liked one of their games. ... you're the kind of person marketing analysts love... but tell me, how far down would the series have to go before you would have enough with it?
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GAH I love this game so much!! I can't wait for the next installment! 
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Haha, you're cute. Go back to COD, fanboy.
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Jatin Karamblekar
who cares about ps4 when we have halo 4 5 6 7 8
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Jatin Karamblekar who do we appreciate?
Oswald Cobblepot
There won't be any Halo 7 or Halo 8. There will be 2 games more, which is Halo 5 and Halo 6.
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I want pictures of Spider-Man
HALO 4 wasn't supposed to be amazing, 343 intentionally messed around with the story because it doesn't matter if the previously game was terrible because the next one (HALO 5) would be amazing. I personally enjoyed the HALO 4 campaign, and don't know why people Ike it. As I've just said it was meant to be shit but I enjoyed it. (SPOILER ALERT) If your Exited for HALO 5 read this will tell you every thing you need to know and will get you started. http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/supposedly-leaked-halo-5-details-campaign-3-5-longer-and-open-world.453449349/
halo 5 was shite tho
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