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Published on Aug 29, 2008

Ch 40. Yeah so here's the update on my school life: Today was called Crazy Hair Day, & that name pretty much speaks for itself. So we could do anything weird and wacky to our hair. Like some of the guys had like little ponytails all over their head. I just added like blue, purple, & pink streaks to my hair. Trust me, there were some pretty cool hairstyles today. And tonight is supposed to be our football team's 1st game of the year, so even though you most likely dont go to my school, lets hope we win. =]

(A.N. Everyone does know that Joe and Bri are dating, I just want you to know. XD)

There are no new characters in this chapter.

Gabz: OK, there's something seriously wrong with her.
Sara: Ya think?
Krysten: The pizza's here. I'll go get it.
Brianne: Finally!
Krysten: *comes back carrying the pizza* Here, there's enough pizza here for everyone, even Bri.
Brianne: *insulted* You say that like its a bad thing!
Joe: Krysten, can you try please not to make her upset or anything?
Krysten: Yeah, I dont want her freaking out on us again.
(The whole time everyone was eating, Bri was like eating her pizza like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, hers was all gone in like just 5 minutes. Then she wandered over to the couch & fell asleep there, exhausted)
Zach: Where did Bri go?
Gabz: I hear snoring, so apparently she is asleep, Zach. *sarcastic* You know, sleep is that thing people do when they're tired.
Zach: I know what sleep means, Gabz!
Gabz: I was just kidding around, geez.
Krysten: You know, what? I think I'm gonna take Bri to the doctor's tomorrow. I just wanna make sure she's OK.
Joe: Thats a good idea.
Kevin: Yeah, it is.

(The next morning, after Krysten was finally able to get Bri out of bed, they went to the doctor's. The doctor examined Bri in many ways to make sure she wasnt sick or anything. [I'm not a nurse or anything, so I'm not sure how those kinda of things go, so dont laugh at me while I describe this doctor appointment, LOL] Once the doc was done, she left the room with Bri sitting on the table and Krysten waiting patiently beside her.)
Brianne: *happily swinging her legs off the edge of the table* After we leave this place, can we stop and get some ice cream?
Krysten: *sighs* I dont know, Bri. Maybe.
Brianne: OK!
Doctor: *comes back in smiling* Well I'm back.
Brianne: *cheerful* Hi!
Krysten: Honestly, she is usually not this perky.
Brianne: *giggles*
Doctor: Well there's a reason for that.
Brianne: *gasp and then keeps smiling* OOH!! Let me guess. I sing too much? No, no! Thats not it. My hair is now gonna turn green! No, wait. I'm gonna get a puppy?! Joe said he might get me a dog-
Krysten: Bri, what do any of those things have to do with how you've been acting lately?
Brianne: *laughs* I dont know.
Doctor: Well you may find the real reason a bit of a shock.
Brianne: *sarcastic* Oh, am I pregnant with twins or something? *laughs again*
Krysten: Why would you be pregnant?!? *stares at her*
Brianne: *shrugs* I dont know. I was being sarcastic.
Doctor: Uh well, Brianne. Your guess was actually pretty close. You arent pregnant with twins, but you are going to have a baby.
Brianne & Krysten: WHAT?!?
Krysten: Holy shit. Sorry, Doctor.
Doctor: Its OK.
Brianne: *stuttering* Wha-?! H-How can I- Me- be preg- pregnant?
Doctor: Well the results that I have here say you are.
Krysten: Have you even had-? I mean like have you & Joe-?
Brianne: N- *thinks* Yeah.
Brianne: No, but dont yell at me. I'm pregnant, and you cant yell at a pregnant girl.
Krysten: You just found out, Ok? And you shouldnt even be preggers!
Doctor: Are you two done?
Krysten: I guess.
Doctor: Well, we've never really had results like this. It seems that the father of this baby could be one of two men.
Brianne & Krysten: Wha-? *stare at the doctor stupidly*
Doctor: Yes, I'm afraid so. I never thought something like this was possible, but it is.
Krysten: How many guys have you been with Bri?
Brianne: Just Joe!
Doctor: If you girls dont mind, I am very busy today, & I have other patients to attend to, so are you ready to leave now?
Brianne: Yeah, sure. *hops down*
Doctor: I'll see you here again in 6 months for you to have the baby.
Brianne: Ok, bye. Thanks.
Doctor: No problem, its my job. Congratulations, by the way.
(Krysten & Brianne leave the hospital & they sit in the car with an awkward silence between them.)
Krysten: *sighs* How could you be so irresponsible?
Brianne: *speechless*
Krysten: Does his purity ring mean anything to you?
Brianne: *starts to sob uncontrollably*
Krysten: Ok, its not that bad! I didnt mean to make you cry! Whats wrong now?

OMFJ! Bri's preggers, & they dont know who the dad is. How is she gonna break the news to everyone, even Joe? Bri must have realized something horrible, or she wouldnt be crying like this. I feel sorry for her. Nothing has been easy for her.

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