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Published on Feb 21, 2009


Credit: 洋洋爱桦桦 yyloveella & Baidu ELLA Forum

By each and every little bit we have seen.
It is You.
Who has shown me an Angel.

You took the initiative to help the crew marked and laid the carpet.
(Hotel ballroom for the afternoon press conference in 2004 --- Baobei was the earliest to wake up to practice with the dancers. She even helped the crew to stick masking tape to secure the carpet so that everyone will not be tripped over during the dance.)

You raised the hopes up high for the victimized children of the Sichuan earthquake.
(Fundraising event for Sichuan earthquake victims in 2008 --- Despite standing all the way at the back, Baobei lifted the drawing, by the victimized child, high up to urge donors to come forth and help.)

You showed thoughtfulness and concern for your friends.
(Game show on Total Entertainment in 2006 --- SHE went on to promote Forever. Baobei thoughtfully reminded the host to remove his ring, in case he hurt his hand when smacking on the buzzer while playing the game.)

You wiped away the perspiration for the child and led her away to take a cooling drink.
(Hide-&-Seek game show in 2008 --- SHE went on to promote FM SHE. The girl hid in a lamp for a long time before she was found. Baobei patiently and dotingly wiped the girls perspiration and tears, and pacified and led her to find her mother and grabbed a cool drink.)

You took the forfeit plunge on behalf of your sister despite height phobia.
(Super Sunday game segment in 2003 --- S had to take a forfeit. But because of her fear, Baobei took it on her behalf. Despite her own fears, Baobei did a successful free fall from about 1storey high trapdoor structure and landed onto a mattress below.)

You gave up the seats on the bike for your sisters and chose to be the one to run up on stage instead.
(New Year Countdown concert in 2005/2006 in Taiwan --- Due to limited seats on the arranged transport, Baobei gave up the seats on the bike to SH and volunteered to run upslope onto the stage.)

You specially custom-made towels for all the crew and cast members of your serial.
(Post-filming celebrations for Hana Kimi in 2006 --- The crew and cast members showed their appreciation to Baobei as she had given them gift towels with their names sewn on it. Baobei wished that regardless where they should be working in future, this towel will wipe away their sweat and all fatigue.)

You helped your juniors fixed their ear-piece.
(Seoul TV Awards in 2007 --- Baobei thoughtfully helped her juniors, Wu Chun and Jiro Wang with their ear-pieces when they seemed to have problems wearing it.)

You refused to tell secrets on your sisters during game show.
(Hana Kimi @ Blackie Show in 2006 --- Everyone asked Baobei to reveal the secrets of SH behind their backs in exchange of skipping the forfeit. But Baobei simply refused and said she would never betray them.)

You helped your injured sister to put on her heels.
(Perfect Three concert rehearsal --- S hurt her feet when she accidentally tripped onstage. Baobei was concerned and took good care of her throughout and even bent down to help her put on her heels.)

You remembered everyone who has filmed with you, even if they are playing small parts.
(Lollipop Show in 2008 --- SHE went on to promote FM SHE. Baobei recognized one of the boys as her classmate in Hana Kimi and even recalled him being a model for a few ads. The boy was happy to be remembered despite his small part in the serial.)

You remembered your friends birthday.
(Music Award ceremony in China in 2008 --- Baobei knew that Jay Chous birthday is round the corner and initiated to invite everyone to sing him a birthday song.)

Your kind-heartedness.
Your thoughtfulness.
Everything that you have done, every little gesture.
Left me unable to restrain my feelings for you.

You shed tears for your fans.
(Variety show in China in 2006 --- SHE went on to promote Once Upon A Time. Baobei was touched by the efforts and hard work fans have put in during an earlier SHE Imitation Competition and she shed tears of appreciation.)

You always bow the deepest to show your appreciation during curtain call.
(Regardless of the scale of the events, each time during curtain call or at the end of autograph sessions, Baobei would always bow the deepest and lowest to express her appreciation and gratitude to the supporters.)

Jia Hua.
You are the brightest beacon of light for your family.
And also the direction.
We sought to follow and pursue.

Knowing you.
We have found the most precious and blissful treasure.
You may have hidden the wings of an Angel.
But we have seen the glow of your halo.
You are our Only-Es One & Only.

Translation credit: syyang of AF and Baidu ELLA forums


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