Night Trap: The Movie (Standard Edition) [Sega CD 32X]




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Published on Sep 15, 2015

so after some people started openly discussing how the SCAT app works, and i was able to use it, i made a movie with all of the footage in the game, and best of all, no beeps! for some reason, Simms' initial briefing wouldn't stay in sync, what can ya do...

tech specs:
The inspiration for this particular cut came from a version that was on youtube, and is no longer there. i recommended it to my tattoo artist when he did my half sleeve. anyway, it was a decent cut, but it's not longer here, i remember a few things from it though, so i paid homage to it with a few things from what i remembered. but made it different so it could still be mine.

the biggest thing i am psyched about, is the fact that there is not one beep throughout this entire video. since i am using the source footage from the 32x discs directly, the beep isnt there. (it was a separate audio track that was loaded into the ram to play when an aug was missed) so there's that.

of course i used SCAT to download the footage, came in at the usual 156p resolution, send it through virtual dub to lock at 14.97fps, then sent through adobe media encoder to crop off the metadata at the bottom of the frame. once footage was acceptable, i broke up into 2 folders, for both discs, the files are all numbered, and the ending numbers correspond to which room, so i just dumped all the footage into Premiere Pro and instead of cataloging, i just did a search for, say, "21" for footage in downstairs hallway, or "91" for the bathroom, etc.

after getting all the cuts, i dropped the finished movie in a 480p time-line, and added RedGiant's 'Instant 4k' plug-in to upscale to 480p. which it looked better than just a generic upscale, but not as good as if it had just been on the disc at 480 to begin with :-/ after that, i added all the titles and interstitials at native 480p so everything with that remained crisp and clean. i also retyped the closing credit by hand in photoshop, and added the PSD at 480p, and animated that to scroll the credits.

instead of showing each scene in succession like most "night trap the movie" cuts on youtube, i wanted things to be more organic, so i'm weaving between room to room at the same time.

i added a few points of interstitials, and thats basically the homage to the other version that was up, because i really liked how he cut the action with other stuff and came back. so yeah, again, sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy!


ps. notice that i included a... hidden trap sequence, toward the end of movie. worked out perfectly :)


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