Kindness Credits v Slave token Banking Mechanisms





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Published on Dec 31, 2019

This video explains the futility of structures that demand payment in slave tokens to grant you access to your rights, the truth and the whole package, to establish your freedom from slavery through. If a get out of debt system depends on slave tokens to initiate then its compounding slavery is it not. Here we bank the slave token out of existence and the effects of that are exemplified in your Kindness Credits Accounts. Kindness Credits the only currency that credits you for not being a slave token debt slave. In this video you will find reference to WeRe bank and Peter of England. This video is to rebut the implication being made by Peter of England and WeRe bank, that people can BUY their way out of slavery. We Buy Any Debt and Universal Law Community Trust have had to discharge debt caused by the failed attempts of PofE and WeRe bank. Compare the Market. Compare what is the definition of the market and Compare what you are represented by. Slavery or Kindness currency? The more people use this structure to represent themselves through the less slave tokens there are in supply. Our fundraisers in slave tokens are utilised to convert the slavery into Kind deeds such as supporting releasing people from prison and the slavery system, via air travel and fuel costs.. these are the ultimate levels of the slavery structure and by freeing the people from slavery, we will benefit from the minds of these people being released as a community... creating Free Energy .. literally and metaphysically.

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GregJoshuaW1 month agoHighlighted comment
I also appreciate this invite. For myself, I went to the trouble, and rather regrettably in retrospect, of making myself judgement proof over a process of about 2 years by liquidating all assets by 2015, thus I am unaware of any debt to discharge. However, I also have not participated in commerce since that time so I have no means to secure a house which is the most pressing need now. I am the only person I know IRL who is studying information like this. Can I help my family and friends out of their debts using your discharge method, or must they do it themselves? Most people are so conditioned to accept that "this is how it is" they actually believe discharging their debts is somehow stealing from the bank. This program in their minds is so deeply rooted... I don't know how to deprogram them.
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em oven
I have just been told if you do this : you go to settings, subs, auto translate , choose language : you get it translated !
steve jones
ur a very beautiful woman inside and out ty
Not Two
R.I.P. Mammon ‘3000 BCE - AD 2020’
em oven
It "costs" you five hours a week of your time to cover all your liabilities with. Have you seen the video Kindness Credits V Slave token banking mechanisms on you tube? Once you have watched that you simply go to www.universallawcommunitytrust.com and follow the steps you assign the debt on we buy any debt under contact us found under services and send the account number title and amount and last correspondence you had with the corporation and this initiates your Kindness Credit account. Your five hours opens your treasury account to discharge all future and past liabilities with. You file a contribution to my community agreement telling us what your offering in return and where this goes into our equivalent of the stock exchange called the Kindness Credit Energy Exchange (timeshare pot) and you can exchange directly with those doing the same as you, converting your energy into Kindness. You will then receive log in details to your online account which will show the debt converted into the same amount of credit that you have stopped the parasitical system from creating by discharging instead of paying into a discharge only system. Hope that helps
Glenn Buchanan
Thanks for the invite. Im watching right now.
em oven
1 rock with your thumbprint on represents your share of this planet and its resources and its that your rebutting the implication they have made to have the jurisdiction of you through, with.
andrew cope
Yes, I had dealings with Peter of England, and he promised all kinds of stuff and none of it worked. So Minister Emoven GO GET HIM :) xx
proteus maximus
Manna from Devon in a home -made (ekios) oak treasure chest . Great presentation . I’m all in . Glad to see your well .
Albert F A Matthews
Love it x exactly spot on facts.

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