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Uploaded on Mar 2, 2011

When you reach 32767 battles in the game (or extremely close, at least 32765), you can use that as a glitch, on the screens where this number is used for some calculations.

The first screen is the stables. You can mate 2 Chocobos again and again, without doing any battle ! This trick was already explained here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaVmzf... ; so I'm just doing the same with basic Chocobos, just to show it's also possible on PlayStation. ^^

But it's also possible with the Chocobo Sage. Normally, you have to do a few battles after each time he continued his story a little ! But if you're at 32767 battles, you just have to go outside during 1 second, to continue the story.

What's the reason ? I'll try to explain. After a birth, the baby Chocobo and his parents need a few battles before a new mate. And to activate their possibility to mate, you must come back in the stables with a number of battles higher than the number asked for each Chocobo.

It looks obvious, but there is a big problem if you're getting close to 32767 battles. Suppose you got a baby after 32760 battles. The baby needs 6 battles to mate for the first time, and both parents need 12 battles. If you do 8 battles, then go into the stables, you should think the baby will be able to mate, but not the parents. Unfortunately, it'll be exactly the contrary ! :-O

In fact, your number of battles will be correct, but when the game does the calculations, it can't use a key-number higher than 32767, and use numbers from -32768 to 32767. In other terms, if you did 32768 battles, the game considers, when it does calculations for Chocobos, you have -32768 battles ! 32769 battles will be transformed to -32767 battles... and so on until 65535 battles, which will be transformed to -1 battle.

So in my previous example, if I come back in the stables after 32768 battles, the game will consider I'm at -32768 battles after the calculations. As the baby Chocobo needs 32766 battles to mate, I'm of course very far, and I'll have to wait a very long time before he'll able to mate. ^^ About the parents, they need 32772 battles, but the game will calculate I need -32764 battles. So, in any case, if I do 4 another battles, they'll be able to mate again. If you wanted to avoid the bug for the baby Chocobo, you must come back in the stables after the 32766th or the 32767th.

That's why you can go so fast to mate Chocobos (or talk to Chocobo Sage) at 32767 battles. The game will calculate you need some new battles, but it'll be always higher then 32768 battles, and so the game will always calculate a number around -32760 battles. With your 32767 battles, you're always higher and you don't need to fight.

A last point about the number of battles in the cave. At the beginning, you can see there is a long delay before the guy says I'm at 32767 battles. That's because the game calculates if I can get a Mythril or a Bolt Ring. And for the calculations, it removes 100 to my number of battles until the result is between 0 and 99. So at 32767 battles, the game has to remove 327 times 100 in my number of battles, that's why it's so long ! :-D

But at 32768 battles, the game, in his calculations, considers I'm at -32768 battles, and that's easily lower than 100 ! ^^ So he'll never remove 100 and the guy can talk to me very quickly ! Moreover, without these calculations, the number will be never considered between 0 and 99 ; therefore, between 32768 and 65535 battles, you can't get Mythril or Bolt Ring... :-D


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