Taxpayers Vs. Public Unions Examined





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Published on Jun 3, 2011

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Micro-Documentary about why we as a nation must abolish public unions.

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joe blow
the CEOs have done a great job pitting the 30K a year worker against the 80K a year worker...while the CEOs continue to lobby Congress to allow the RICH to take advantage of their workers here in America or in foreign countries...the real target are those who call the shots...not a worker who is doing a service for middle classes wages.  the middle class should not be fighting each other while the rich sit back and erode our human rights to unionize and to pay us less and less and violate labor laws.
Sylvia Greier
+joe blow ...that is their intent...to cause dissent. & it seems to be working because these people that believe this stuff do not have the knowledge required to see that.
joe blow
as i watch more of this video...I am horrified at the way the facts are presented...North Carolina is in better shape than the rest of the states with higher union participation?  really?  NC is in terrible shape, it's state government just cut out all benefits after like 30 weeks...unemployment is down because there are NO JOBS in NC, NO NOTHING and people stopped looking for jobs in NC.  What a load of trash.  States with highest unions like CA, Oregon, WASH, all have terrible unemployment but a very diverse job engine...tech, restaurants, medicine, law...while times are bad for almost all states, those states  with high union participation at least have a realistic chance of recovering quickly.  
““We don’t want the party to end, the “free” trips, expense accounts…perks, gold plated pensions, free this, free that…Yes indeed, see we in government, are all entitled to our entitlements folks and we can’t stop that, at least not until we retire. Our unions say so, it’s ours and we want it now...$$$”   Scum bag parasitic unions, police, teachers, all government…all the same, bankrupting future generations…and they don’t give a damn. Same crap up here in Canada, maybe worse... Try to digest this scum bags. Who do you think is going to pay off all this debt you are leaving your children, your grandchildren? That’s what I thought, you don’t care!
Lying for the rich employers is an old RW trick. Don't believe the lies
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You know why people like movies so much ? Because there dream is in a box. The only dreams that came true in this Country are evildoers dream . this is not home of the brave this is home of the cowards .this is not where dreams come true for innocent people this where nightmares comes true.
It is ignorant of you think it OK for straight people to mingle with the LGBT knowing it causes chaos and than tell straight people God's not real because you don't believe . What you're trying to say I am ignorant because you believe I should be forced to believe your b***** when you don't even know how you got here or where are you came from. you can't even remember when you came out of your mother's womb. scientist can't even answer those questions so to say I'm ignorant you can call yourself ignorant . Just look in the mirror and ask yourself why were you born . And admit you don't know everything and realise you can't mix a country with Believers and non-believers
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Clarence m
Goldman Sachs Exec have been feeling the pain of the economic down turn!
Really are soldiers should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan killing terrorists. These are the real terrorists. Soldiers should be here and putting a fucking bullet in every union members head. We should be chasing them down the fucking streets with pitch forks. Biggest fucking scam and extortion ever and everyone is blind and ok with these fucking cunts. They should be burnt on a fucking stake. Worst criminals of anytime. Especially the public school teachers who makes these poor kids suffer.
Why America Decline! I LOVE ThIS COUNTRY IT IS THE PUBLIC SECTORSunionsmembers! I AM AFRAID OF! Wasteful Spending + Frauds = Corruption! Don’t ask + Don’t tell = Beyond Lies! Public Sectors “retirement Pensions” + Tax Dollars = Injustice! Ban Pension Benefits - Change to 401K = Fairness! PASS ON THE MESSAGE TO OTHER CONCERN CITIZENS! P.S Please people don’t vote or sign shit put on the ballots, on my behalf when you are not sure about the law; especial most mexican-american people! 
Some key facts were left out in this video. During last decade and the 90's Public Sector wages were near frozen beacuse of the exteme rights demand for government fiscal restraint, so governments had to find new ways of compensating employees and this was done through generous retirement schemes and healthcare etc, this would be paid in the future which is cost shifting, well now the future is here and I don't think a 5% pay rise is much to ask for when you consider inflation is running at 10%.
Instead of complaining about Public Unions earning on average more $ than the Private sector, why not try and get the private sector pay and conditions raised so that they match their Public counterparts? Instead we have a right wing inspired race to the bottom, while the ruling elites are giving themselves insane bonus's and rewards and laughing all the way to the bank. There is plenty of wealth in the USA, only problem is its in the hands of far too few.
@1973JDub So what happens when the the Teet the public workers have been suckling runs dry ? Public unions do not care where it comes from. As long as they can continue to drain us dry. The tap is ran out. There is NO MORE. What will have to happen is mass public employee layoffs. Sadly this will not matter to them they will just eat their own as long as they get theirs.
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