Sudden attack on British soldiers in Afghanistan





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Published on Feb 17, 2010

New Video 2010 Taliban Attack
One minute they were talking about Fergie, the next minute A Company, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment came under fire from the Taleban.

This video captures the moment gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades rained down on the troops as they patrolled a river bed they had cleared of Improvised explosive devices the day before.

The soldiers were on a joint patrol with their Afghan counterparts when they came under fire last Sunday.

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3rd coast jeeplos 006
Us and British army combine are almost unstoppable... Love it!
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Like to see you on the frontline. Prick. You just sit on your arse and play call of duty "thinking" your on the frontline of a firefight.
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Matthew Murphy
nothing but respect for these pure heroes
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Fuck all you who are saying Brits and US are pussyy they do their jobs to make sure that. The world will bee safe for their kids n the IRA and. Taliban who claim that their doing it in the name or. God and Allah can get lost coz I now caflics and Muslims that are fighting in the British and US army so fuck u ur not doing it in the man of god ur doing it coz ur animals and think killing inisnt ppl is fun fuck u dirty creatures
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Fhiona Brett
He wasn't yelling 'Run Away' he was telling his lads to 'Fall Back'. FFS.
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Daniel Clee
Top men, professional soldiers who know how to fight.
john wood
Raheel, I know you can't kill a piece of shit, but you can spread it around with yer boot until it bakes in the Afgan sun..:-)
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@Kathy Milner the video shitheads like you constantly reference out of context, is when they were pinned down in the building and under heavy mortar fire. Basically their only hope of survival was if they got lucky and the spot they were hiding in didn't get hit. Before you insult people faced with death and no way to get out of it beyond luck, go pick up a revolver and play a game of russian roulette against somebody. See how many trigger pulls you can do before breaking down. Cunt.
Pull back ...(into cover) where they can regroup, figure out where the fire is coming from. Form a plan then kick their arse! You idiots commenting calling them cowards don't have a clue. 
Falling back is not cowardly. It's a smart tactic especially when being ambushed , it allows units to regroup ,assess the situation and form an attack plan . Some fo you key board warriors are fucking faggots that need to be shot.Truth is you can either fall back or stay in that spot and get the fuck shot out of you and your men.. retarded
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