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Published on Jul 5, 2011

+++Unlike so many others, I personally don't give a damn if you watch in HD--I seriously don't see the difference-- but for goodness sake--always read the description! XD

Here's sort of a character introduction for Melinoe Hoffman, one of my main characters in my 6 Realms roleplay.

Melinoe Hoffman is loosely based off of the Greek Goddess of Ghosts and Sadness of the Underworld.

I worked all day on it since Vegas found every which reason to crash on me, again, and again, and again.
And to make it all worse, I got unfortunate news that my dad has been hospitalized. He's been really sick all month and it has only gotten worst. I'm going to see him this afternoon, so I hope he'll be alright.

But anyways, in the video, I tried to express Melinoe's feelings and emotions. Please be aware that Monica Keena is playing Melinoe- the Melinoe she was before she died and was resurrected into her new body.
Melinoe was killed by Lucifer the Devil, the serpent you see represent him, like he appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Also be aware that she kills the wizard, Julius and steals his powers. I was going to let Discord do it, but I think it'll be better this way. :)

Anyways, here's her profile:

Name: Melinoe Hoffman

Age: 17 (has died and been reborn)

Species: Underworld Spirit of Ghost and Sadness (Melancholy)//Human

Bio: Melinoe Hoffman is the daughter of the Lady Discord, the Mistress of all Chaos in the Underworld. Some described her as the deity that represented all sadness. They also claimed her to be the protector and guardian of all wondering souls on Earth. They'd say that when the sun went down on the world above, Melinoe would come up from the Underworld and wander the earth collecting lost souls and ghosts that were still stuck in the plains above; unable to return to Death's hands due to unfinished business on earth. They say when she wandered; a crowd of demons and spirits would fellow after. This is why it is said that when your dog seemingly starts barking at nothing in the middle of the night; it is actually dear, sweet Melinoe with her herd of spirits passing by (when she wants to, Melinoe can make herself appear invisible like a ghost. Only animals would be able to see her. She can also conjure spirits and souls (from anywhere) and communicate with them. Since Discord is no longer allowed in the Underworld, she uses Melinoe's powers to communicate with her spies and loyal followers there). Melinoe was born centuries ago, but was killed by Lucifer when she tried to help her mother take over Hell. To save her life, Discord trapped Melinoe's soul into a tiny amulet and waited for the right time for her to be reborn again. When that time came, after the birth of her brother, Belial, Discord mated with one of her human priest from Aran, and gave birth to Melinoe's new body. After being reincarnated, Melinoe started life again. She kept all of her previous memories from before, but Discord now just had to waited for her [Melinoe's] body to mature. Though it still wasn't enough. This body was half mortal, and a lot weaker than her old one; more fragile. If she wasn't strong enough to slay Lucifer before, she definitely wouldn't be now. But mother Discord always has a plan. They'll just have to steal someone else's power for her. But a new body wasn't the only thing Melinoe gained when she was reborn. Suddenly, that cruel heart and need for hatred and power was lost. She no longer cared to take over Hell or seeing the pain and misery of others. It actually sadden her; made her weep for the deeds she had commit and will do. Though, she dare reveal this softer side of her to her mother. Discord will see it as an even bigger weakness and would probably have her killed for being so worthless. No, she had to stick to her mother's plan, no matter how much she didn't want to do it.


Discord- Played by Kathleen Robertson as Azkadelia in Tin Man
Melinoe Hoffman- Played by Emily Browning as Babydoll in Sucker Punch//Monica Keen as Lilian in Snow White: A Tale of Terror (her old body)
Belial Hoffman- played by Kenneth Asa Butterfield as Mordred in Merlin BBC
Julius Will- played by Bruce Spence as Zeddicus in Legend of the Seeker
Lucifer- played by Bill Nighy as Viktor in the Underworld Series.


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