Free Rider Challange - Level 2 - Heck Hills





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Published on Apr 30, 2009

Welcome to a new Challange! Play Free Rider levels and be the best of the best! Record a video of yourself doing my stage, and you could have your name on the High-Score list!
Here is the website:
Here is the game:
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 1l 1g 2g 16 36 h 3c -8 5s -7g,-3e 9g m a3 3o cb 9e er d4 ep j1 ev,-3c 9g -8m 9g,it eu lg eu nr eu p3 ei qq d5 so al tf 95,11h 9c 11k ar 120 cn 12n e2 13l f5 167 ga 19j h6 1dg hg 1ke hg 1rm ha 1ti h3 1ve ft 20h eg 215 cu,25e e6 2re md,2mj uk 37j 16i 39f 17b 3bn 17s 3ea 181 3un 18d 46g 18d,4ag 194 4kd 194,4ki 1br 4u6 1bs,4ub 1g0 5gf 1ck 5sv 1nn 65r 1nq 699 1ms,697 1ms 6e0 1mc 6fs 1mh 6i5 1mh 6on 1k7 6sk 1ig 6t6 1k0 6ue 1md 705 1nq 753 23e 76a 2a3 76a 2d9 77d 2fu 78q 2hd 7ba 2iv 7e4 2je 7v1 2je 846 2j7 86c 2ie 87v 2gp 892 2e6,8gs 2ds 8hb 2fc 8ib 2h5 8jt 2is 8md 2jj 9ki 2k4 9kv 28t 9gj 28o 9gb 2jr,8d0 f38 8d4 f3c,-hn 768 -52 76j,-52 76i 8k 76p e9 6tj,-hm 76b -un 6pq#-eo 6rs -fh 6r8,-fh 6r5 -fr 6q5,-fr 6q2 -fr 6oe -fa 6mk,-f2 6mk -f0 6o1 -e7 6p9 -d4 6qp -b5 6qh -8v 6qc -71 6qc -5a 6qm -3j 6po,-3g 6pm -2i 6o6 -1d 6lu -r 6nv -1d 6po -3e 6ru,-c1 6r5 -9o 6sl -7l 6r5,-7i 6r3 -7b 6rs -7b 6sg -7i 6t6 -86 6tj -9o 6si -af 6te -b5 6t6,-b8 6t6 -bk 6sn -c1 6s1 -c1 6r5,-b6 6s6 -b6 6sl -b3 6s8,-89 6s6 -8e 6sl -87 6sb -89 6s3,-b6 6s5 -b2 6s9,-eu 6rs -e7 6sg -ea 6tq,-3e 6ru -40 6ss -3t 6tq,-e5 6u4 -e5 6t4,-e0 6tq -co 6uh,-5d 6ue -40 6tl,-cp 6ug -bu 6uk -ad 6un -88 6ul -6k 6uk -5b 6ud,-e6 6tq -d3 6v9,-d3 6v9 -bf 707,-bf 707 -9q 71a,-9q 71a -a4 72g,-a4 72g -ao 72s,-ao 72s -bm 739,-bm 739 -ah 73j,-ah 73j -7p 73o,-60 72b -54 71f -5e 700,-7u 73q -5r 728,-dv 6ts -c3 6v4 -60 6v9 -44 6ts,-43 6u0 -40 6tl,-5e 701 -3u 6tp,-s 6sb -v 6t6,-15 6s8 -l 6sa,-16 6t5 -m 6t3,-d 6s7 -d 6sv,-p 6si -3 6sh,r 6t1 r 6si,1d 6sa 15 6sh 1h 6sr 17 6t0,2c 6t5 2n 6sf 2s 6t4,-l 6th -m 6tu,-l 6ti -9 6to -i 6ts,-1 6tk -2 6tu 6 6tt,-2 6to 1 6tn,-3 6tk 7 6tj,c 6tv d 6tk h 6tt m 6tl r 6tv,10 6tv 13 6tl 1h 6tl 1f 6u0 12 6tv,1m 6tv 1o 6tm 1u 6u0 22 6tl,26 6u2 2c 6u1,2k 6u1 2t 6u2,37 6u4 3f 6u4,-1v 6up -21 6v9,-24 6uq -1i 6uo,-1a 6vc -17 6um,-u 6uo -11 6v6,-19 6uv -t 6uv,-t 6v9 -k 6ur -j 6va,-a 6uq -e 6v5,-g 6ur -3 6uv,p 6vb 14 6ut 15 6va 1d 6ut 1f 6v8,1o 6ur 1k 6vc 1v 6vb,1l 6v3 1t 6v3,1n 6us 20 6ur,1v 6va 29 6us 2a 6vc,2f 6vb 2j 6uu 2n 6vb 2t 6ut,3a 6us 30 6v0 38 6v8 2v 6vd,3d 6vf 3o 6vf,42 6vf 4a 6vf,4l 6vg 4u 6vg,-1i 700 -15 70b,-t 703 -1e 70k,-p 70d -g 702 -c 70c -k 70k -o 70c,-7 702 -7 70k -1 70l 1 704,i 70p r 701 u 70l,13 70l 18 703 1b 70a 14 70d 1e 70l,1k 707 1j 70q 1r 70o,1k 70g 1q 70e,1i 708 1s 708,2f 70a 2g 70q,2j 70r 2m 70a 2q 70q 2v 70a,-1c 70u -1c 71e,-t 711 -v 71h,-1e 716 -s 719,-m 716 -m 71j -c 71j,-j 71d -d 71c,-m 717 -9 717,3 719 -8 71e 0 71l,9 719 7 71m,7 71j e 71f,a 71i g 71p,p 717 n 71h,m 71o m 71t,n 71g q 70u,1u 6rl -1k 6rf -u 6r0,-1j 6rf -t 6rr,-71 -49 -71 -3a,-62 -4b -64 -3a,-72 -3q -64 -3q,-5k -3l -50 -3m,-50 -3m -5c -47,-5c -47 -5k -3j -50 -36,-3v -40 -4i -3n -44 -36,-3i -49 -3n -39,-3k -3m -3a -3s,-3k -3j -3e -38,-5t -2i -5r -1t,-55 -2j -57 -20,-5r -26 -55 -26,-57 -24 -5b -1o,-5t -21 -5r -1p,-4v -27 -4v -1o,-4d -2e -4e -1p,-4e -29 -4d -2n,-43 -2o -43 -1t,-3j -2g -3t -26 -3k -21 -3t -1r,-76 -31 -3a -31,-5r -1j -3i -1r,-8f 1p -7e 2h -8d 2l -7g 1n -8a 1p,-73 1p -72 28,-76 1n -6o 1q -76 1v,-75 24 -73 2f,-6l 1p -6k 2b,-6a 1j -6b 25,-68 1u -63 1m,-6a 1s -63 25,-5t 27 -5o 1n -5l 25 -5f 1p -59 24,-50 1n -53 25,-4s 23 -4q 1n -4i 22 -4e 1l,-48 1l -3j 25 -48 27,-47 24 -3o 1j -48 1l,-7g o -7i 2 -75 8 -7i d,-7i b -6u h -7i m,-6q 6 -6c k,-66 e -6n 11,-5v 1 -61 a,-62 k -62 t#

To play, copy the website in your internet browser, then on the game, press "load track" and copy and paste the code above. Play the game and record it, one recorded upload it on youtube and make it a video response to this levels video. Work hard and have fun! Feel free to send me Freerider tracks you made! The High-Score List follows. It will be updated weekly or sooner. You can also see the High score list on my Profile page. To get a High score be the fastest to send me a video request. First five win anhd get their names on the list. -8Pikmin8


P.S. LOL you can go to heck! Watch the vid.! LOL


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