Phantom Problems for Consultants: Business Problems Only In Your Mind





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Published on May 6, 2013

http://www.covetedconsultant.com/free Hey there, this is Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant.com today I'm talking about some phantom problems. These are three problems that you believe your consulting company has but it really doesn't. And I get this a lot from my clients is my clients come to me with a very specific understanding of their problem or what they think their problem is and they want a silver bullet magic solution to fix it. Let's fix it right now so I can get back to running my business. And I'm telling you that that's not the truth. The truth is the problem that's really going on isn't what you think it is and it may take a little longer than you think to get it solved. So here are three classic examples I hope you find this helpful.

So here's the first is I need a better time management solution. So this is the person who is looking for a calendaring system, a list management system, an appointment scheduling system, some new app, some new website that will help manage their behavior and manage their time management. And that's not what you need. So number one it's not about time management it's about priorities. Certain things are more important than others they have to be. And if you believe that everything is important let me ask you, how important to you is breathing? What's more important to you than breathing? Well then by definition everything is then after breathing so it's second to breathing. How important to you is eating? Okay, so if breathing is first and eating is second then all this business stuff is third. So if we keep thinking that way we look at your business certain things are like breathing to your business, certain things are like eating to your business, and then everything else is after that. So once you set priorities then it's easier to figure out where your time should be spent.

Next here is it's not about time management it's about clarity. So you've got to be clear about what's important to your business and what isn't. That means you've got to separate some things, separate some thoughts, separate some ideas, some separate some strategies and look at them honestly separately and figure out which one of these is important. Which one of these means the most to my business. Am I clear about what these different things are? That's about clarity it's not about time management its' about clarity.

Third it's not about time management it's about panic. So we all create these to do lists and some of us have really bad habits about these long to do lists. And so our to do list intimidate us. We see the long to do list that we've created for ourselves and it makes us panic. It gives us anxiety. It makes us stress. And we have to flip that. We have to be able to look at our to do list and not become intimidated by its length or what's on it. So as you develop the discipline to look at your to do list a different way then all of sudden you can manage your time differently without all of the scary uncomfortable emotions.

Second major point my clients to me with a lot is I need cash now. I need customers now. I need money, right, the money conversation. So I suggest to you that it's not about the money. For example, you know you're not going to get the money today so what are you going to do between today and whenever you actually get the money? So let's say it shows up in a month well what do you between now and then you just sit and twiddle yoru thumbs? Whatever goes on in that space has got to be something healthy. What are those activities? How do you know that the new money that you get is going to be spent any differently than the old money that you spent? So if you know you made a mistake in the past with the money that you had how do you make better decisions going forward? You've got to think hard about that. Again, under I need cash now is how much money do you really need? How many clients do you really need? How many new engagements do you really need? If you do need to borrow money from a bank how much do you really need is it $2,000, $20,000, $200,000 how much do you really need? And until you're clear about your need then the money that you get has a much higher risk of being simply wasted and used for the wrong things.


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