Syria - Clinton's Army of Muslim Terrorists Unleashed (Again)





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Published on May 1, 2012

Same recipe, different country. Only now it seems that Russia and China have learned their lessons from what has happened with Libya.

At the end of this video you'll find Webster Tarpley saying: "I would warn, especially the Turks, that when the US opens to Turkey this wonderful perspective of invading Syria, the goal there is to destroy Turkey, as well as Syria". Illustrative for this, he mentions the 'Bernard Lewis Plan' (Bilderberg Meeting in Baden, Austria, 1979).

Regarding this policy of breaking up nations in smaller parts, Tarpley also points to Zbigniew Brzezinski (Brzezinski in his book 'The Grand Chessboard': "For America, the chief geopolitical price is Eurasia. ... Potentially, the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran, an 'antihegemonic' coalition not united by ideology, but by complementary grievances.")...

But this bloody strategy of setting up different groups of people against each other to break a nation into pieces is much older than the 'Bernard Lewis Plan', as expressed in a telegram from 'The India Office in London' to the British viceroy of India, Charles Hardinge: "What we want is not a United Arabia: but a weak and disunited Arabia, split up into little principalities so far as possible under our suzerainty -- but incapable of coordinated action against us, forming a buffer against the Powers in the West." (1915).

In order to strategically weaken Iran, first Syria has to fall as a player on the 'The Grand Chessboard'. Next, Iran will be attacked in order to prevent Brzezinski's "most dangerous scenario" becoming a reality.

Of course, the genocidal consequences for the Iranian population and the devastating consequences for the rest of humanity come second here.

The title of this video is a bit misleading, of course Hillary Clinton is nothing more than just another Zionist tool in the ages of time. Also in this video, where al-Qaeda is blamed for the present acts of terrorism in Syria, it should be clear that it's not just the CIA and the MI6 that has been arming, training, and funding these so called rebels. Especially the attacks on Syria's security service building and it's Central Bank, bear all of the hallmarks of Mossad.

Besides that, history has proven again and again: America rules the world, Israel rules America. These wars are not just for oil or geopolitical purposes. Zionists are out for WWIII and working hard to make their 'end times' come true, in all aspects of life.

Zionism means war, for without war, its goals can never be achieved.

Zionism is inherent to war, "forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure, built-in, congenital, connatural, constitutional, elemental, inborn, inbred, indigenous, indwelling, ingrained, innate, intrinsic, native, natural".*

Zionism IS war.

If not stopped in time, Zionism will also be inherent to the destruction of all that lives on earth. There's only little time left.

With love, HighlightsRemixed

* Roget's Thesaurus: 'inherent'.

See also: Mossad, Turkey, the Kurds, Syria, Iran, and WWIII

'Must' read: 'Imperial Playground: The Story of Iran in Recent History' by Andrew Gavin Marshall, Global Research, October 4, 2007.


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