Honda VTEC vs American V8 (Fastest Civic)





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Published on Mar 5, 2009

Video showing the power of a 4 piston Honda near stock k20a VTEC Engine, one of the most powerful 4 cylinder engines in the world.

This civic has more boost than American muscle cars.

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ManiacBullseye 737
I bet this guy drives in his underwear to reduce weight in his civic.
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+Todd Rich and takes a shit before every race
Yea its pretty funny that V8 got drug by a N/A civic. I agree :-)
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Frank Castle
So it takes a stripped interior, lightened, and engine swapped Honda to outrun s most likely totally STOCK domestic? Makes sense.
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Jomary Alejo power to weight ratio muscle cars on the street weigh as much as a fucking boat compared to a stripped civic that can get to around 2300 with driver with out cutting anything still stock chassis compared to a 4K lbs car with a v8
Jomary Alejo
Frank Castle but still a civic . how can a 2.0L engine fuck up the 5.0L v8
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lol at all the muscle heads talking trash in here. They always tend to get mad when a Honda wins a race.
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Casey Moore
Haha exactly, those shifty v8s from the 90s were crazy slow. IF that firebird was a v8 it was only 275hp, so like 220 to the wheels vs a gutted civic with a 220hp engine. That's when the power to weight ratio comes in. It that civic isn't beating a stock v8 car that's been made in prob a decade. Stock v8 cars are averaging 4-5s 0-60 times and high 11s-12s quarter mile. Just full bolt on your hitting mid 450s-500 hp lol. You'll have to come with a lot more then a gutted shitbox and stock k20
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I mean, it's fast but, that sound. Oh dear. help.
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MeLikeBigBoom I never taught I would find you here XD
Anthony Castelli
wendy boyd how dare you 😂😂 this sounds like shit
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blah blah blah domestic. blah blah blah import.  The fact is. The engine in the Civic is half (or even less) the size of the other engines, and it just proved Honda's point. You don't need an engine the size of the Moon to have fun. YES, the Supra is a hell of a car and the 2JZ a monster, and YES this supra was probably bone stock.  and YES a V8 can be built to produce a LOT of power. But the thing is... He made fun of the little Honda, and he got raped. When you are out there is the streets, it doesn't matter what engine you have or the weight of your chassis. If you challenge someone and you lose, that's it. You LOST. Excuses are for pussies.  PS. I am not implying that the Civic is a Sports car, because it's not. And I am not implying that the K20A is the best base to build a race engine. But both the Civic and the VTEC engine, proved that they can endure the battle among kings. You damn wrong if you think they got no game...
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bonamin Yeah it's not a full on race engine the k20 or any Honda engine really, But they are really easy to tune and great for beginners or an experienced drivers fun little track car
bonamin yes all you need is two fatass turbos and a well built engine to handle the power
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Brett DiMichele Studios
Sounds like Chewbacca after a Double Espresso. :)
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*-_Asriel Dremmur_-*
So fucking funny hahahaha
Ben O
Your picture matches as well :)
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I think that's a little more than near stock...
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+f2b.....f20bEG I agree, I think that's pretty close.
+GearheadLs7 pretty sure this is around 225 whp at around 2100lbs
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Stairway to heaven Bohemian rhapsody
There isn't a V8 powered car in this video.
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Kseries 2JzM3Drift
AND? So wat even if that was a V8 he'd still have took it(but it'd be close)! Now if it would've been a WS6 then yea he wouldn't have had a chance n hell and I've got same car and love the K Series motors but it's the truth!
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Toni Džaja
hahah so much butthurt americunts in the comments, amazing
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kim jong ill
I'm an American but I'm an import guy um................
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John Cheesecake
When you expect a ricer and you get a racer lol
Mohammed Ali
hhaha true
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