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Published on Jul 3, 2011

This scene was cut from the theatrical release of Dune, but is partly included in the "Extended Edition". The remaining section is available as an extra on the "Dune: Extended Edition" DVD/Blu-ray


Jessica HEARS this and looks up just as the Shadout Mapes silently
enters her room. JESSICA
(staring at the blue-eyed
woman -- waiting for possible
I am the Shadout Mapes, your housekeeper,
Noble Born. What are your orders. JESSICA
You may refer to me as "my lady." I am not
noble born. I'm the bound concubine of Duke
Leto -- mother of the heir designate....
"Shadout"... that's an ancient word. MAPES
(strangely asked)
You know the ancient tongues? JESSICA
I know the Bhotani Jib and Chakobsa, all the
hunting languages. MAPES
As the legend says. JESSICA
(inner voice)
That's it! The Missionaria Protectiva has
been here planting protective legends
against a day of Bene Gesserit need. And
that day has come. I must play out this
(out loud)
I know the Dark things and the way of the
Great Mother. Miseces prejin.

Mapes takes a step backward to flee. JESSICA (CONT'D)
I know many things. I know you came
prepared for violence with a weapon in
your bodice. MAPES
My lady, I... the weapon was sent as a gift
if you should prove to be the one. JESSICA
And the means of my death should I prove
(inner voice)
Now we will see which way the decision tips.

Slowly Mapes reaches into her dress and brings out a sheathed knife.
She unsheathes it. MAPES
Do you know this my lady? JESSICA
(inner voice)
It could only be one thing....
(out loud)
It's a crysknife. MAPES
Say it not lightly...
(very slowly)
Do you know its meaning? JESSICA
(inner voice)
Here is why this Fremen has taken service
with me, to ask that one question. Delay is
as dangerous as the wrong answer. Shadout
is Chakobsa... knife, in Chakobsa is...
maker of death.
(out loud)
It's a maker...

Mapes SCREAMS with elation and grief. JESSICA (CONT'D)
(inner voice)
Maker?... Maker... Maker is the key word...
That was close...
(out loud)
Did you think that I, knowing the mysteries
of the Great Mother, would not know the
maker? MAPES
My lady, when one has lived with prophecy
for so long, the moment of revelation is a

Mapes sheathes the blade... slowly JESSICA
(inner voice)
There's more here... yes!
(out loud)
Mapes, you've sheathed that blade unblooded.

With a GASP Mapes drops the knife into Jessica's hands and opens her
blouse. MAPES
Take the water of my life!

Jessica withdraws the knife from the sheath and, with the blade,
scratches a line just above Mapes' right breast. MAPES (CONT'D)
You are ours.... You are the one.

Jessica's eyes stare ahead. She knows these words ring with truth.


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